Saturday, May 28, 2011

Chaz Auto & RV's Disgnostic and Repair

Are you looking for a Honest and competent Auto Repair Beaverton shop in Oregon? Well, you might want to visit Chaz Auto, a dedicated Auto repair shop that provides nothing but high quality services to their customers. They have been in the industry since 1997 and was founded by Charles Hedrick. The shop aims to provide the best and the most satisfying result to their costumers.
Unlike other Repair shops, Chaz Auto & RV's Diagnostic and Repair make use of high tech and most advanced techniques in auto repair. In fact, they are using this computer diagnostic system to trace the issue of your car and they can fix it in no time.
Aside from their amazing and high quality services, their technicians are so friendly too and you can approach them any time in case you have questions.
Bringing your car into an auto repair shop like this will take all your worries away. We can't deny the fact that there are some auto repair shop today that are unreliable. And the worst, most of them are taking advantage of their customers by giving false results and by charging them high and inappropriately.
Well good thing there are some who are still providing reliable and honest services like Chaz Auto & RV Diagnostic and Repair. I wish i could find one here in my area too.

The Wonders of Hilot

Have you ever heard about "Hilot"? It is actually a form of massage. Here in the Philippines, Hilot is considered as an ancient Filipino art of healing. These Hilot are usually done in most of the provinces. They are mainly performed by Hilot Practitioners in which we called "Manghihilot". Other areas called their Hilot practitioners as Albularyos.
Well, this Hilot is used to relax stressed muscles and to remove joint pains. Here in our province in Cavite, most Manghihilots are using their bare hands to perform the said therapy. They apply coconut oil in their hands and will start massaging those affected body parts. Actually, some manghihilots are performing some rituals too to make their "Hilot" more effectively though i am not sure if these rituals are really that effective. Mom used to bring me in a manghihilot when i was a kid especially when i get "Bali" or dislocated or sprained joints. The manghihilot will gently massage the sprained area and he will do that for at least four to five sessions.
Hilot is widely popular here however, this kind of therapy is not yet being approved by almost all medical practitioners knowing that Manghihilots are not really trained to perform such therapy over their patients. There are also no scientific evidences yet that can prove that this therapy is really effective.
Well, Hilot actually employs chiropractic manipulation and massage for the diagnosis and treatment of some mascular related issues. However, unlike those Chiropractors Olympia in Oregon, these Manghihilots are not professionals and do not have training to perform such procedure. Chiropractic therapy, unlike Hilot, are widely accepted by medical practitioners since they have proven effective to treat those back pain, muscle pain, and other spinal related illnesses and injuries.
Well, as for me, i will rather have a Chiropractic Therapy than those Hilot rituals. First of all, chiropractors know what exactly they are doing and they can provide medical assistance if needed while Manghihilots can heal those back pains though they cannot diagnose the root caus of those pain.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hire An Expert Or Do It Yourself?

Mowing, Trimming, Pruning, and removing weeds from your lawn might be considered as a "Do it Yourself" tasks. However, this activities cannot be done properly without any skill or at least a brief knowledge about it. I'm sure you you do not want to end up ruining your lawn or your landscape in your front yard by doing it yourself without knowing the actual and proper procedures right? You will end up wasting your time and money since that will leave you no choice but to hire someone to repair all the damages that you did. Well, as for me, i will rather hire experts or professionals like those in Md Lawn Care Services in Hagerstown, Maryland, than taking such a huge risk by doing those chores alone.
Okay, i know it is very nice to explore new things but when it comes to gardening or other related stuffs, I guess it is quite practical to hire those well trained people. Besides, I don't have those necessary equipments to do those gardening procedures properly unless i'll buy them for my own which is something i wouldn't do since these tasks are occasionally done so that's just a waste of money.
The Md Lawn Care Services that i mentioned above provides standard and high quality services for their customers in Hagerstown Maryland. Their services include full mowing of the client's property, removal of grass clippings, and trimming of weeds. They make use of premium equipments too and can able to make your lawn look exactly like those in the golf course.
So with all that benefits, will you now consider hiring a lawn care service than doing all those risky jobs alone?
If you are interested, you can check Md Lawn Care site and see what else services they have to offer. I have heard that their pricing starts as low as $35! Whoa! That's really affordable! Now imagine how much you will pay for the repair if ever you ruined your lawn yourself? See what I mean? LOL
Happy Blogging guys!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mah Jong and Other Casino Games

I got this very cool mini Mah Jong set from my Auntie. Well, Mah Jong is a very entertaining game originated from China. The game usually involves mathematical calculations and also a bit of luck in order to win a round. Cousin Melvin, Ichan and I used to play Mah Jong though we do not have serious bets. We just do it for fun! Actually, Mah Jong is widely popular now even in some big time casinos. The game is not that complicated actually as logn as you know how to follow the rules carefully and as long as you know how to strategize the game. Aside from Mah Jong, cousins and I used to play other card games too like Blackjack and Poker. Okay don't get us wrong! We are not a certified gamblers and we are not hustlers either. We're just making fun of it and we feel like we are being thrilled more in playing casino games than any other games around. Good thing Internet made it even much easier for us through online casinos. Yup! Instead of driving that far to reach the nearest casino, then why not play casino at home right? You can even play the best online casinos while you are wearing your pajamas or underwear LOL. If you are looking for a well trusted and reliable casino sites, then you can visit! They list down all the top rated and well trusted casinos online whether you are looking for American Express casinos or some sort of USA Friendly Casinos. Name it! The site got them all for you. They also provide online casino reviews to serve as your main guide in choosing the right casino for you!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Fashion Statement

Obviously we wear our watch so that we can tell what exactly the time is. It is definitely the main function of any watch regardless with their brand but nowadays, watches are more than just a gadget that tells time, it is now being used as a fashion statement.
Do not be surprised to see watches in different colors and styles. Okay, unlike women, men like us are not so picky when it comes to gadget but we tend to patronize a certain brand once we were satisfied by their quality and durability.
Just like what i said, watches are now being used as a fashion statement. There are watches made for casual and formal occasions. There are so called sport watches for those athletic individuals and many more. There are different kind of watches developed today for different kind of purposes. But aside from its styles and designs, we have to consider their qualities too before buying any item. I'm sure you do not want to end up wasting your money for buying watches over and over again because because of their poor quality right? Some people are basing the quality of a watch on its price. Yup! The price of each watches vary depending on their types or how they are being made. Obviously, economical watches are made out of cheap and poor materials and so you need to replace them regularly. But if you are going to buy something like Vestal Watch, then you have no doubt about its quality. Vestal Watches have proven themselves in the market and has been endorsed already by so many artist.
I have read several reviews about the watch too and almost all of them are positive feedback from their happy and very satisfied customers. You can find vestal watches into some specialty stores and fine boutiques world wide but good thing, you do not have to exert effort just to find a to store that showcase such watches because Internet made it much easier for us. We can now purchase these items online. is one of the perfect places on the web to find different sport and fashion watches including the Vestal. If you are interested, you can visit the site and see what kind of watch will suit your style.
Aside from being a fashion statement, watches are very ideal gifts for all kind of occasion. You can give is as a present for your friend's wedding, graduation, birthdays or simply as a gift of appreciation.
Watches can be a great investment too since most of them especially those expensive and high quality ones, can last for a lifetime.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Birthday Preparation

My sister Mirasol will be celebrating her birthday this July and we are all excited about it. Time really run out so fast and it seems that it was just yesterday when she was just this little kid asking me to play with her and begging me to tell her some stories before she sleep. But now, look at her, she's acting more mature now and i will not be surprised if one day she will introduce us her boyfriend or her fiancé. Well, it only means that i am not getting any younger and actually feel so old already. I think i have to focus more now in my personal life and start thinking of having a family. I think i am on the right age already for that matters.
Anyway, let's go back to my sister's upcoming birthday celebration. I failed to give her a special birthday party last year so i want to make it extra special for her this year. I'm not sure if i need to rent a special venue for her or we just have to celebrate it at home and invite all her friends to come over and celebrate with her. I'm sure mom will cook all her special recipes especially the Sweetened-style spaghetti which is Mirasol's favorite. Well, Mirasol is too old already to have those kiddie parties, so no need to hire clowns or other entertainers but renting a Karaoke would be fun.
I just wish my budget will be good enough to support all these birthday plans. I better start saving my money for this very special occasion. i don't want to fail my sister again so i will try my best to make all these plans possible. But of course, i know there will be some unexpected expenses to come. If that's the case, then applying for a Fast Cash Loan is probably the best option i could have to cover the rest of my expenses. Good thing, i don't have to waste my time travelling or driving to the nearest lending company here in my area because i can now apply for it online. There's no need to wait that long too since the applications are being processed automatically and you can even cash out the money on the same day.
If you want to know more about this Fast Cash Loan, simply check and see how this loan can help you with your limited budget.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Advantages of Payday Loans

Have you ever tried applying for a Payday Loans? It is one of the most in demand form of lending money today but what is exactly the difference between Payday loans and other loans like housing or business? Are there any advantages of applying for such loan?
Payday loans are also called as fast cash or quick cash loans because you do not have to wait for such a long process for this type of loan. The approval here are so fast and you can get the money or the cash in no time. This is actually the reason why most people are embracing payday loans because of this benefit.
Housing or business loans usually deals with bug amount of money which means it is more likely to become a long term responsibilities because you have to pay such big debt in time. Payday loans usually deals with a small amount. Amount that is good enough to cover the rest of your expenses for amount. Since you are dealing with small amount her, it will be easy for you to pay the debts or bills on time without the possibility of ruining your credit history.
Good thing, technology like the Internet made it easier for us to apply for such lone. Yup, you can now apply Payday Loans Online which will keep all the hassle of waiting away. you do not have to drive or go directly to the lending company as well.
I am not so sure but in some cases, once you apply for payday loans, payments are deducted directly to your salary but not all the time.
If you are interested, you can check and see how exactly this payday loan works.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Keeping You In Shape

We all want the best for our body right? That's why most people try their best just to get the body that they have always wanted by maintaining their diet balanced and by doing regular exercise. Just like what they said, if there's no pain, there is no gain so if you want to keep your body in shape, you should be willing to bear all those sacrifices which includes the avoidance of those yummy yet fatty foods.
But then again, we are just humans and we cannot deny the fact that there were times that we just can't resist those temptation and we tend to eat more than the regular amount of food we intake per day. In return, we gained more weight and in order to cut off all those extra calories, you have to spend more time in the gym or ask help from those dietary supplements to make your diet more effectively and faster.
For a man like me, i find it hard to lose weight and maybe because men like us have strong appetite and we tend to eat more foods than women. Not to mention those alcoholic beverages that serve as one of the major contributing factors that cause most men to become overweight. I'm sure you do not want to be caught with that unwanted stomach flab. It is kinda annoying to see it bouncing like a ball every time you move right? Dietary supplement are effective though it may take time before you can see the actual result. If you really want to keep your body back into shape, then you can try those plastic surgery for men especially the liposuction or tummy tuck.
Cosmetic or plastic surgery are really in demand today. Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery is a well known plastic surgery in the US. They are known for providing high quality and very satisfying services for their customers. They will treat you like a celebrity there. No wonder why many of their customers keep on coming back and patronize their services. They have wide array of services offered to their customers which included the most popular Beverly Hills breast augmentation for woman and other medical procedures like Rhinoplasty, liposuction and more.
If you are interested, you can check their official web page at and check what else the site has to offer for you.

Keeping Boredom Away!

Feeling bored today? Well, we are on the same boat because i feel exactly the same way. Doing the same routine everyday can be very boring and sometimes to get rid of this boredom, what we need is to take some break.
If possible, change you daily routine too. For example, you can move your Thursday chores to another day to lessen the stress. This will give you a chance to do some entertaining activities. In my case, i used to energized myself by listening to some upbeat or uptempo songs. Groovy songs can boost your energy which will give you extra strength to do your job more effectively.
If you enjoy reading, then read more. You'll find new attitude and new possibilities for your life through books.
Try to see the funny side of life. Keep in mind that laughter is the best tonic for boredom. The more you laugh, the less bored you will be.
The environment can also be a major contributing factor that cause boredom. Change your home setting from time to time and give your house a new look. A house should have an occasional Make-over and this can be done without any cost. Change the curtains, move the furniture and add more displays. You can do these simple task to change the ambiance of your house.
The most effective way to keep you away from getting bored is to find some entertaining activities. You can involved yourself in some outdoors or sport activities or you can simply stay inside your house while playing your favorite video or online games. I used to play online casinos whenever i feel bored. Unlike any other games, online casinos are more challenging since you will be dealing with real money and you will be opposing against real casino players online. I prefer those Fast Payout Casinos the most since you can get your cash prize much easier and faster. If it is your first time to play online casino, i suggest that you look for those sites that has no deposit casino bonuses. This will enable you to play casino games free for a set amount of time, or with a set amount of casino credit free of charge. You're lucky enough if you find sites that provide no deposit casino bonus codes for new comers.
There are also some sites that offer One Hour Free Play casinos which can help you to maximize your chances of winning.
The key to keep yourself fro getting bored is to have fun and not to stress or pressure yourself on a specific task. Have a great day guys. I hope you find these tips useful.

Landscaping Experts

When you say landscaping, you will not just be dealing with trimming and watering your beloved plants. Keep in mind that landscaping involves installation of other decorative materials to make the lawn more appealing and attractive. It also deals with other heavy duty jobs which may include the removal of trees and more.
Well, if that is the case, then it is much better to hire an expert like those in Landscaping Phoenix in Arizona. These landscapers are well trained in this kind of field. They also have all the equipments needed for this project and most of all, they can guarantee you the best result.
It is indeed a practical decision to make because aside from giving you the landscape of your dream, you can also save more time.
I know you all want the best for your garden and the best solution to make that possible is to hire the best and expert landscaper in your area.
If you are residing in Arizona and you're looking for professional landscaping services, then Masterscapes is the perfect place for you. You can visit their official web page at and see what are the services that Masterscapes can offer. You can also contact them at 623-780-0474 for more info.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Yosi Kadiri Legacy

I remember when i was in Grade School, Department of Health Secretary Juan Flavier was actively visiting different public and private schools (elementary, high school and college) to promote his "DOH It!" Program. Yup! He is the person behind this well known program which aims to provide heath awareness. One of the most notable programs of DOH It is the so called "Yosi Kadiri". "Yosi" is actually a slang Filipino term for Cigarette while "Kadiri" means Nasty. Yosi Kadiri program aims to provide awareness about the danger or harm that Cigarette smoking can give. I remember they had this Yosi Kadiri Mascot which became very iconic to kids.The Yosi Kadiri Program became a successful move of the Department of Health to lessen the increasing case of lung cancer and other respiratory related diseases in the country. This program continued even when i was in high school. But after Juan Flavier left the politics, it seems that the DOH it program especially the Yosi Kadiri project was neglected and became inactive.
Well, too bad our Government just lost a very useful project like this but fortunately we still have some Non Government organizations or NGO who are willing to continue the Yosi Kadiri legacy and raise the awareness about the danger of cigarette smoking.
For me, we do not need another Yosi Kadiri project or other awareness campaign just to be warned about the danger of cigarette smoking. We should keep in mind that everything the we used abusively will bring nothing good to us. Well, the fact that you used or consumed cigarette in a wrongly manner shows a sign of addiction which is not a good thing. You should learn how to avoid this unhealthy habit by simply controlling yourself or looking for some alternatives.
And i found a very effective one in the nature of the so called electronic cigarette. This smoking device is highly in demand today not just because it is high-tech but also because of benefits that the users can get from it in return. Scientifically speaking, electronic cigarette is indeed a safer way of smoking knowing the fact that it doesn't contain those harmful substances that can be found to those commercially produced ones including the nicotine which is one of the major cause of respiratory illnesses.
This device has many varieties. Some of them are smokeless while other produced vapor and artificial smoke to give you the same smoking pleasure that a typical cigarette or tobacco can give. But of course, if you are a first timer, you can always use those electronic cigarette starter kits to get you familiarized on how exactly this e-cig works.
Well, it seems that the Yosi Kadiri legacy continues in the nature of these new smoking devices don't you think?

Snoopy Making Troubles

Having a dog and playing with him is probably one of the most rewarding experiences of being a pet lover like me. Playing with my Dog Snoopy used to keep my stress away. However, taking care of him could be one of the most tiring jobs too especially when it comes to teaching him the right things. Restricting him to certain parts of the house is such a difficult task. If you chose to give him a freedom to stay inside your room instead of putting him inside the cage, then you have to teach him well and train him so hard. You have to teach him where to poop, to pee, to eat, to play, etc, etc.
And you cannot teach all of these to your dog over night! It takes a lot of hard work and of course patience.
In my experiences with Snoopy, I had a lot issues with him because he loves to chew things and he poops and fees anywhere he want which was very irritating that time. I remember i threw our television set to him because of so much anger, hahaha just kidding! We had a carpet in our living room and it used to be his favorite hang out place. However, it seems that he treated the place as his Comfort room too and if you just know how much anger my mom feels every time she see some poops around the corner of our sofa set. She was like screaming to anger and will ask me to put the dog into his cage which is something i don't want to do so to compromise her, i took the responsibility to clean the carpet all the time just to let Snoopy stay inside our room.
I remember the worst case we had with Snoopy was when he went inside the house with his muddy feet leaving foot prints everywhere. We really had no choice but to get a carpet cleaning
service to clean all the mess that Snoopy did.
Well, actually we did a right choice because aside from cleaning the mess, they were able to trace those black molds growing underneath our carpet. I am not sure but i think they used those specialized black mold removal solution to take those molds away. They even gave us some Do It Yourself tips in case of water damage problems. They also left their numbers so that we can contact them again in case we encounter the same issue with Snoopy.
Well, luckily, Snoopy were able to managed to poop and fee on the right place. Whew, what a relief!
If you are interested, you can contact Ace Carpet and Cleaning Restoration at
Ace Carpet Cleaning
85 Franklin Rd # 10B
Dover, NJ 07801
(973) 328-3438