Thursday, March 25, 2010

Meringue Craze

Meringue is a type of dessert made from whipped egg whites and sugar. Some meringue recipes call for adding a binding agent such as cream of tartar or the cornstarch found in confectioner's sugar. Meringues are often flavoured with vanilla and a small amount of almond or coconut extract. They are light, airy and sweet. Ever since i was a kid, i always love Meringue. And until now, i'm still crazy about it.

My Eyeglasses Collection

I used to collect eyeglasses. I don’t know but this hobby started since I was in high school. I really feel comfortable wearing eyeglasses. That’s why I came up in an idea of collecting eyeglasses. I usually place them in a separate drawer and clean them once in a while. Here, I took a photo of some of my eyeglasses. Some of them are given to me by my friends while most of them are eyeglasses I bought on my own. I have different kinds of glasses. Some are transparent, some are shaded, some has unique frame while others are simple yet beautiful to wear. It’s been a year now after I discovered Zenni Optical. It is dubbed as The #1 online Rx glasses store. They’re products are high in quality, very durable and well trusted by many customers. I also found an article online, Eric’s Review of Zenni Optical, supporting Zenni and how well its users can benefit from their product. So if you are looking for Lowest Price Progressive Glasses and love collecting glasses like ne, definitely, Zenni Optical is the right place for you.