Monday, September 26, 2011

Memories of my Lola

I just found this picture of my grandma and me in one of the old folders from my hard drive. I'm so glad that I was able to keep this picture. I'm actually looking for this picture for a long time and I thought i deleted it already. Anyway, the reason why I am so happy to discover this long lost photo of my lola (Filipino term for Grandma) is because she just celebrated her birthday last September 10. This year is the second year that she's not with us. She passed away two years ago which really broke my heart. As all you know, I am a grandma's boy and I grew up almost with her that's why it's not really easy for me to accept it though I know she's on the good place right now together with my lolo (grandfather).
What we did on her birthday are those typical things that we usually do every time she celebrates her very special occasion. Mom cooked her favorite "Pancit Bihon" and "Lumpiang Shanghai". She also cooked my lola's favorite dessert which is the "Kutsinta", a Filipino delicacy.
Even though she's not here anymore, i can still feel her presence and I know she's guiding us all day.
Her photos bring her memories alive and by viewing her pictures especially the one that I found recently, It feels like she's still here by my side.
I think, i have to check all the folders on my PC again to see if i can discover some of her photos. I am planning to reformat my computer so in case I overlooked any files or pictures, I think it is so much better if I download a file recovery software. As what the term connotes, it is capable of recovering deleted files from your hard drive or memory card. This is advisable if your hard drive got corrupted and there's no way for you to bring them back. With the help of this software, it is possible to retrieve the photos either directly from the hard drive or memory card with no ease.
I was checking the web last night and I found a reliable one in the nature of Hetman Software. You can also check them at their official site at and see how the software can help you.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

About Image Hosting Sites

Are you guys familiar with the so called "Image Hosting Sites" or Image Hosting Provider"? What are they for? Is it really necessary to host your images? What are the benefits we can get from them in return? And what are the disadvantages as well?
An Image hosting Site or Image hosting provider allows you to upload images to an Internet site. They will store all your photos on their server and they will provide you codes to make those images viewable for others. It's like an online photo album in which you can sort or categories your photos.
Compare to those service provided by other social networks, these Image Hosting sites are dedicated one and only focusing on storing pictures. It can also protect your images from being used without your permission because it will notify you if someone else is using it.
The service is actually great and highly advisable if you're looking for an online storage of your photos and most of them are being offered for free.
However, even though it's free, the amount of images you can store are limited. If the bandwidth limit is exceeded, you can no longer add more photos and the rest of your uploaded photos will be temporarily unavailable unless you cut down some of your old images on their site or upgrade your plan to premium or those paid versions.
Paid versions aren't that bad especially if you are really aiming to save all your photos on the web. But as for me, if you really want to pay and excellent service to protect your pictures then I would rather spend my money in purchasing a Photo recovery software. Here, I just have to save my photos the normal way. I can save them directly on my hard drive. And when the photos got deleted accidentally because of a corrupted hard drive, the photo recovery software will come to rescue them. It is a software meant to recover deleted files from hard drive or memory cards so you really don't have to worry about losing your files because you can always bring them back using this software. Amazing indeed.
If you're interested, you can check Hetman Software at and see what else it has to offer.

The Clumssy Me!

All of these mobile phones are mine but don't get me wrong guys, I am not a rich guy who can afford to buy multiple phones because I just want too. Unfortunately, these phones are not working already. Believe it or not I used to replace my phone at least twice a year not because I just want to follow the latest trend when it comes to phone models but because I am too clumsy and I used to broke my phone, leaving me no choice but to replace them.
If I don't need the cellphone, then I will not buy any replacement at all. It just so happen that I am using my phone for my work so I badly needs it.
I am such a Clumsy guy and everyone around me is so aware about that. I know it is not a compliment and it is something that I should be very proud of but I just can do nothing to keep myself away from being too clumsy. Just like what happen recently, when i dropped my camera on a water which damaged my gadget so bad. I am really disappointed to myself because I have plenty of pictures saved on my memory card and I just can't open my camera. I tried to insert the card to another camera but still not being recognize. I am afraid that I have to replace the card and lose all my pictures completely.
So I decided to buy a brand new camera and a brand new memory card since the possibility to recover my pictures from that damaged memory card seems to be so hopeless. I have heard about that Hetman Software from a blogger friend and I was intrigued when he said that the software might help recover my photos.
I didn't waste any of my time and I visited the site right away. Hetman Software is a software that has an ability to to recover pictures from corrupted memory cards or Hard drives. It can also recover deleted photos which is so perfect for a clumsy guy like me. I might consider downloading this software for my PC too and I'm sure this is my key to bring those photos from my old Memory card back!Yay!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dreaming of a Luxurious Kitchen

I've been always dreaming to have a luxurious type of kitchen similar to those what I usually see in some magazines and I know most of you feel the same way. Isn't great to have a kitchen that you can be very proud of yourself?
Oh well, i might be so ambitious to said that but maybe there are other ways I can do despite of a limited budget that i can offer. They said that if you are aiming to give your kitchen a luxurious look, then better choose ether Marble or granite for the finishing. They both have this glossy natural effect which can definitely makes your kitchen more appealing. Ceramic tile finishing is not that bad as long as you choose a higher quality for better appearance and durability.
I've been checking a lot of reviews online and even those reliable testimonials from their costumers and I can confidently tell you that most of them are so satisfied with granite finishing.
Well first of all, granite is resistant to any stain or scratches. It can also be very resistant to heat and water too. It comes up with many colors which suits any type of kitchen and most of all, granite is immensely beautiful and simply incomparable. Now I am not wondering why most luxurious hotels use such kind of finishing.
It might be quite expensive compare to other finishing materials but I'm sure it is very reasonable knowing that it can last for a very long time most especially if you provide maintenance onto it.
And if in case you're looking for a quality granite san francisco in California, well, Marble City is just the right place for you. You can visit them at and see what else they have to offer.

How to Protect Your Photos From Sudden Deletion

Digital cameras today are very sensitive, memory cards can be formatted in just one click, it can get corrupted in an instant without any reason so to save your photos from sudden deletion, I listed below three of the most common and the most effective ways. I hope you find it helpful too.
► Back Up Your Files : Whether we are talking about Memory cards or Computer Hard Drives, it is always recommendable to back up or save copies of your pictures. You can use USB or CD to save them so whenever a worst situation occurs, you can always have a place to find them and recover them.
►Host Your Images : Internet is such a powerful tool today and we can do almost everything now. Social Networking sits have the capability to store your photos. However, displaying your photos online can be quite risky, but people can copy them and use them on whatever purpose they like. You can also get the service of those Image Hosting sites, though yo just have to bear the long uploading process especially if you got big amount of pictures to save.
►Install a Photo Recovery Software: The use of picture recovery software is probably the best way to recover your photos. Here, you don't have to bear with that long uploading process and you can recover photos with no ease. It can even retrieve photos directly from your camera. Amazing software indeed. I might consider adding one for my PC too.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Protect Your House and Your Family from any Sense of Danger

As a house owner, you are responsible for so many things most especially in securing the safety of your family. As what they say, "Safety" should always comes first than any other matters. Protect your family and your house from any sense of danger.
I listed below some of the most common threats for our house. I hope you can find this article useful and don't forget to share your thoughts.
►Burglars and Thieves : There's nothing more to be afraid of other than those heartless humans who always take advantage of the situation. Be aware and always be observant. If you notice something or someone suspicious then you have to alert yourself. Have a copy of all the important hotlines including the police station, your neighbors, and your relatives. They can always look for help in case there's a threat in your family. Much better if you install surveillance cameras outside your house to monitor suspicious acts from these burglars.
► Fire Alert! : Another threat from your family is the possible fire. Sad to say, most fire are mainly caused by the owner's negligence. Plug out all the electronic appliance if they are not in use. Do not overuse the wiring system because it may cause short circuit. Lend a space or area in your house for smoking or better yet smoke outside. Have an emergency fire extinguisher.
►Weather Conditions : Burglars can be avoided through installing security devices, Fire, on the other hand can be prevented by proper awareness but Weather Conditions are something uncontrollable. You can never fight against nature but you can do something to protect your family from any harm. Build a house that can withstand bad weather conditions. You have to ensure that your house is fully protected to strong weather from the deepest part of your foundation up to the most upper part of your roof. Add extra protection by installing exterior Siding. This will not just add protection and durability but also it can make your house more appealing.
If you have anything to add, just leave your comment here and I would really appreciate that. Thanks for dropping by!

Milzon Is Now A Boy Scout

We just attended Milzon's Oath taking ceremony this morning. Well, he's now a certified Boy Scout and we're very proud of him. I remember my elementary days when mom used to join me in such event too. We had so much fun and Milzon were able to enjoy it too knowing that the event held some cool activities for kids including the Stick horse racing event, and other physically challenging games.

Luckily, I was able to bring my video camera and I was able to capture some of the important events in the ceremony. Though, I am not an expert photographer so my apology for the low quality pics and videos.
I was actually thinking of buying a brand new Camcorder. I heard that some latest models today can produce high quality videos even though you're not an expert photographer. However, choosing the right camcorder will not be that easy especially for someone like me who do not have any idea about camcorders. I don't even know how to check their specs.
I might read some reliable camcorder reviews first before buying one. You can also check for more well trusted and non bias reviews.

Stranger Than Fiction

Tax is such a complicated thing to discuss most especially when it comes to the process of preparing them. However, even how much complicated it the taxes are, we are all responsible to pay them. The government needs our payment to improve their service. Public infrastructures, education and charity programs, military improvements and salary for our government workers including the public teachers and doctors, these are just few of the things where are taxes are being used.
I was watching a Will Ferrell film last night and surprisingly, the film opens up a topic about our Tax. Generally, this 2006 film is highly recommendable because it teaches us a lot of oral values and will make you realize that you should make the most out of your life.

Will Ferrell here surprisingly play an unusual role as Harold Crick, an auditor for Internal Revenue Service.

It shows how hard it is for being a Tax Collector , encouraging people to pay their taxes.
Maggie Gyllenhaal plays Ana in this film. A baker who resisted to pay her tax.
Harold was assigned to audit Ana but she refused to entertain Harold and resisted to be audited by him.
Harold eventually was able to convinced Ana to be audited by him and she showed him a pile of papers which Harold's has to audit.
The film actually made me realized how hard it is to prepare your own tax, analyze all the necessary documents and calculate big figures. No wonder why most people today prefer to hire or get Tax preparation services rather than doing such a stressing job all by themselves.
Anyway, The entire film takes place on Harold's Journey in battling for his life in the hand of a mysterious writer who wants him to be killed.
In the end, Harold convinces Ana to pay her taxes because it is definitely the right thing to do. We should be responsible and never ignore or neglect paying our taxes because we are also the one who can get benefits from the in return.

What to do when a Plumbing Issue Strikes?

There are so many things to consider whenever a plumbing issue arouse. It is so irritating to have this very stressing household problems but we have no choice but to do something to it or else, we might putting ourselves in a major disaster which will give us more headaches. Anyway, I listed below some of the most important things to consider whenever a serious plumbing issue strikes.
Check the Root Cause : We may not have the skill to do this effectively but we can figure out what exactly causing the issue by observing. Is the water running out slowly on the faucet near your lavatory or all plumbing fixtures are not working properly? Water not flowing out? Is there any visible leaks on your pipe? These are few of the things that we can do on our part. This will help the Plumber to easily identify or diagnose the issue.
Call for a Plumber: Of course, the only person who can fix this issue is no other than a professional Plumber. Make sure to hire someone from reputable company to ensure yourself that they will provide nothing but high quality service. Get recommendations from your friends or search a company online to find the right company you can contact to.
Choose the right materials: The Plumber will of course give you an option on what kind of materials or brands you want him to use for your plumbing system. Definitely he will tell you the best options but it is still depends on your budget. It is always advisable to buy the finest quality products because they are proven to be more durable and they will ensure you to receive the most excellent service.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Starting A Business Online?

We've been featuring different Art crafts in our blog and probably e will be doing this for a long time. It's more like my past time hobby. It used to keep my stress away after that heavy and long hours of working. I have used different mediums already, from craft sticks down to egg shells. I try to make them as resourceful as possible. I used to recycle different items as well because i do believed that we can all make something out of trash, something useful and something that will help our suffering environment. Anyway, here's few of our finished art crafts. Actually my Auntie suggested me to start an online business showcasing our crafts.

My most favorite medium and probably my expertise are the projects made out of craft sticks. But right now, we're busy doing our Clay Art projects. I'm starting to like this new theme and i might take it to the next level.
One of my finished Clay art (Conehead Zombie)
I have heard about those Polymer Art crafts. Some of my friends are into such business where in they amke key chains and and earrings out of the baked clay and sell them online.
As for my Auntie's suggestion, I think it is a pretty good Idea. I might consider showcasing our crafts online too and earn extra money out of it. However, i don't think i have the skills to make the products visible and searchable online. I don't even know how the hell SEO works LOL.
Though i heard about Zoovy and their Turnkey Ecommerce service that will help me boost and manage my sales online. I am quite new with this Ecommerce Solution but I find it very interesting. I might consider getting their service too once i started to build an online business and once i started to take it seriously. They might help me in Selling Products Online effectively and productively.
I know that it is quite a risk. I'm not sure if i will excel in the business field or I will end up with failures. But just like what they say, you can never tell the outcome unless you try it. Good thing there are companies like Zoovy that provides an effective marketing strategy. At least, with their help, you know that your business will come a long run. But of course, you have to work hard for it as well. Take note that the success of a business is not just about promoting but also through providing constant high quality service or products to them.
Oh Well, let see what will happen next. Wish me luck!