Monday, September 26, 2011

Memories of my Lola

I just found this picture of my grandma and me in one of the old folders from my hard drive. I'm so glad that I was able to keep this picture. I'm actually looking for this picture for a long time and I thought i deleted it already. Anyway, the reason why I am so happy to discover this long lost photo of my lola (Filipino term for Grandma) is because she just celebrated her birthday last September 10. This year is the second year that she's not with us. She passed away two years ago which really broke my heart. As all you know, I am a grandma's boy and I grew up almost with her that's why it's not really easy for me to accept it though I know she's on the good place right now together with my lolo (grandfather).
What we did on her birthday are those typical things that we usually do every time she celebrates her very special occasion. Mom cooked her favorite "Pancit Bihon" and "Lumpiang Shanghai". She also cooked my lola's favorite dessert which is the "Kutsinta", a Filipino delicacy.
Even though she's not here anymore, i can still feel her presence and I know she's guiding us all day.
Her photos bring her memories alive and by viewing her pictures especially the one that I found recently, It feels like she's still here by my side.
I think, i have to check all the folders on my PC again to see if i can discover some of her photos. I am planning to reformat my computer so in case I overlooked any files or pictures, I think it is so much better if I download a file recovery software. As what the term connotes, it is capable of recovering deleted files from your hard drive or memory card. This is advisable if your hard drive got corrupted and there's no way for you to bring them back. With the help of this software, it is possible to retrieve the photos either directly from the hard drive or memory card with no ease.
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