Thursday, September 22, 2011

How to Protect Your Photos From Sudden Deletion

Digital cameras today are very sensitive, memory cards can be formatted in just one click, it can get corrupted in an instant without any reason so to save your photos from sudden deletion, I listed below three of the most common and the most effective ways. I hope you find it helpful too.
► Back Up Your Files : Whether we are talking about Memory cards or Computer Hard Drives, it is always recommendable to back up or save copies of your pictures. You can use USB or CD to save them so whenever a worst situation occurs, you can always have a place to find them and recover them.
►Host Your Images : Internet is such a powerful tool today and we can do almost everything now. Social Networking sits have the capability to store your photos. However, displaying your photos online can be quite risky, but people can copy them and use them on whatever purpose they like. You can also get the service of those Image Hosting sites, though yo just have to bear the long uploading process especially if you got big amount of pictures to save.
►Install a Photo Recovery Software: The use of picture recovery software is probably the best way to recover your photos. Here, you don't have to bear with that long uploading process and you can recover photos with no ease. It can even retrieve photos directly from your camera. Amazing software indeed. I might consider adding one for my PC too.

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