Saturday, August 27, 2011

Eco Friendly Solutions

Have you heard about those green and safe solutions on how to clean your bathroom? I just love this concept. I really like to support this green campaign because aside from being so environmental friendly, you can also save a lot of money from it. Listed below are some cool, green, safe and very resourceful way on how to clean your bathroom:
Wonders of Borax - Borax is a naturally occurring mineral salt. It is very effective as a cleaning material. It cleans, deodorizes, bleaches and disinfects. Very Ideal fro any bathroom or kitchen indeed.

White Vinegar - I'm sure most of you have heard about this. Vinegar can be used as a Toilet Cleaner. Just mix it with water an apply to those dark spots. It acts as mild disinfectant too.

Washing Soda - Soda powder can be used effectively as tile cleaner. It can remove grease and any sort of unwanted dirt trapped in your ceramic tiles.

See? Very interesting right? So Aside from cleaning your bathroom, you can also help saving our suffering environment using these eco-friendly products. But when it comes to issues like Plumbing problems, well i suggest that you better leave them to the hands of the experts. Better hire a professional Plumber to fix it for you. Never dare to fix it yourself too because it is very risky and you might end up causing a big disaster. Plumbing problems are quite complicated to understand and only expert plumbers can fix such things that's why it's always been a practical option to hire expert.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Why Should We Get An Extended Auto Warranty?

Have you heard about the Extended Auto Warranty? Extended Auto Warranty is as important as Auto Insurance. They both help the car owner but in different ways. It is really necessary to get such service knowing that an Auto Warranty has an expiration which usually takes a total of 3 years and 36,000 miles.

Extended auto warranty, as what the term suggests will obviously extend the length of time provided by car dealer. We can never tell what will happened to the car after 3 years and to avoid ourselves from future heavy expenses, then better get an extended auto warranty before the given time runs out. We can never tell when an auto repair expense will come up. And the worst,these expenses tend to develop when you least expect them and when you are least able to deal with an auto repair expense.
Applying for an extended auto warranty is more like renewing your contract to that car dealer through a third party company. Most of them has the same coverage which is exactly what we need. Auto warranty will somehow lessen our expenses if a major repair is needed.
Luckily, we can now apply for an extend auto warranty online.
If guys are interested, better check Auto Warranty 411 at their official web page at and see how this extended auto warranty works !

Investing In Gold

Gold is considered as a physical asset, a stable investment indeed. Most people today are investing their money to gold, silver and other precious metal or commodities simply because of its advantages compare to other form of investments.
Gold is always in demand in the market and it will not be that hard for you to sell them. However, you just have to be very careful in choosing the right company. Unfortunately, some companies are taking advantage of their costumer, pricing them inappropriately. Well, i suggest that you get recommendations from your relatives or friends. At least, you know that they have tried the service right?
IF you can't get any recommendations from them, then browse any companies online. There are so many legal firms out there that will allow you to sell gold over the Internet. This kind of process is quite in demand today simply because they are hassle free and the service are much faster than visiting an authorized company directly. The process are very simple too, you just have to fill up the information and communicate with them for a much better transaction.
Just make sure that you deal with a reputable and well trusted firm like the Silver and Gold Exchange. They are US based company and they are well known for providing honest and competent service to their costumers. They got great deals too compare to other leading companies.
If you're interested, you can check them at

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Milzon's Aching Molar tooth

As you can see, Milzon's incisors are not as appealing as the others. Actually, we used to tease him as rabbit or Spongebob because of his big and separate incisors. Well Milzon has a such a sweet tooth. He just can't resist eating sweets like candies, ice cream, chocolates and a whole lot more. . But when it comes to brushing his teeth, oh God, you don't have any idea how great he is in giving up so many excuses just to avoid it. Hahaha and that reminds me of my childhood days too. Actually we are all hopeless now that we can bring his clean and white teeth back because of this. And just like last night, he never stop crying complaining about his aching molar. We really don't know what to do since there are no dental clinic that is open 24 hours in our area so my mom gave Milzon a medicine and I think it is sort of a pain reliever or something like that. We took him to our family Dentist this morning to remove his aching molar. In fairness to milzon, he's too brave to face those syringes (unlike his coward brother when he was on the same age LOL). We're lucky to found a Dentist that offers a satisfying service likeDentist Portland Service offered in Oregon. Well, after this, we will encourage Milzon to brush his teeth, by hook or by crook. LOL

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dealing with Difficult Situation

Sometimes, it is quite irritating that while you're enjoying your smooth driving, your engine will suddenly stop. Engine failures is a very common scenario that most of us are trying to avoid. Then what's more if you're in the middle of a heavy traffic and the heat of the sun is something you can't bear with. What will you do?
If you know how to fix you're car then that's a big advantage and you have nothing to worry about it as long as you have the right equipments. But how if you're clueless about it? What will you do? Ask help from other drivers passing by? How if they ignore you? How if no one is willing to help you?
These are few of the questions that you have to consider especially if you're planning for a long distance travel. I suggest that you write down all the necessary contact numbers of any reputable auto repair shop so that you can call them for either fuel delivery or for towing service.
I came across last night and found an amazing info about their copany. Chaz Auto is a well trusted Auto Repair shop and known for providing high quality service to their costumers.
They really care a lot for their costumes and it's not a joke or done for promotional purposes. It's pretty interesting that they have this 50 mile radius for their mobile service coverage. That means, where ever world you are as long as you're in that very wide 50 mile radius, they will be there in a hurry to pick you up. Interesting right? Check their site and learn more about their services.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Pimp Your Ride

We all want the best for our cars right? And as a car owner, you will give all your best just to make it more appealing and eye catching as much as possible. Remember the "Pimp My Ride" tv series? I used to be a big fan of that show because it inspired me a lot, realizing that you can do something out of junk.
Well, what are those things that you can do to make your car more appealing? Do you have to spend a lot of money for it? Of course you have to but it should not be a big deal especially if you really want to make it more fascinating. After all, it's for your benefit too.
Why not install some cool Audio device inside? udio system plays a very important role in giving your car a make over. Just imagine how great it feels when your driving all the way to your destination while listening a a nice sound track using the audio system in your car.
Change the floor mats and seat covers too. Much better if you make it more personalized. Get some fluffy and cuddly front and back seat covers and have some furry and comfy floor mats, that would be great.
Gadgets like GPS System would be a great addition to make your car more captivating. Change the wheels and change the color of your car if you want too.
Upgrade your engine for better performance. Just make sure that you let no one but experts to do these repairs for you. Find a reputable shop like that Auto Body Repair Portland in Oregon. They can give you the best results. Check them at to known more about them.

Doing The House Chores

If there's something that i should be very proud of, that is when my mom taught us how to become a responsible man by letting us do the house chores without asking or hiring someone to do that for us. It's more like a daily routine already which all started since i was a kid. yeah, I'm really so proud of it knowing that most people today are almost depending upon the help from their maids or nannies.
Well, I have to admit that there were some house chores that you can't do all by yourself unless you have the experience and the skill. Remodeling for example is such a difficult task and you might be needing an interior designer to help you out in your design. And once you finalized that plan, you also have to hire contractors or workers to do the job for you. Take note that this remodeling might involve removal of your old finishing and change to a new one and that's something really complicated and only experts know how to do the job effectively.
Well, let say you decided to remodel you kitchen countertops. Installing material is probably one of the hardest thing to do in any type of work. It should be done properly or else you'll end up in a disaster which will cost you big time in the near future. So for better result, make sure that you hire experts and make sure that you get the best countertop material for it.
Anyway, exploring things is good and we cannot say that a certain task is hard unless we try it right? But I'll take renovation as an exception, it's quite risky if you asked me.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Establishing Long Term Relationship with an Electrictian

There were several household chores that we just can't do all by ourselves simply because it's quite complicated or it's too dangerous and risky for us to do. This may include those home wiring problems. This is a common issue to every household that's why if ever you are looking for an Electrician, make sure you look for someone with whom you can establish a long term relationship. Take note that these home wiring problems will strike repeatedly in the your most unexpected time and if a certain home wiring problem were fixed by an Electrician, it doesn't mean that it will be fixed permanently. It will come to a point that you will experience the same issue in the near future and this is the reason why you have to consider in forming a long term relationship with an Electrician. It's more like a family doctor, a person you can contact immediately in case of trouble.
And since it is a long term relationship, you have to make sure that you will choose the right one. A person that will give you nothing but honest and competent service.
I suggest that you hire someone from a reputable company. Get recommendations from your friends and office mates or better yet search it online. Internet made it much easier for us to look for a well trusted Electrician. There were sites providing reliable company reviews which will help you a lot on choosing the right one.
Of course, after hiring the guy, you have to observe too and see how well his workmanship is. That's the time that you will decide whether you'll get his service again or not.
If you're looking for a well trusted Portland Electrician, visit Oakley Electric at their official site at

Save the Environment

Global Warming, Climate Change, acid rain, drought, flash floods and other forms of natural catastrophes, aren't they enough to tell us that we should do our best to help our suffering mother nature? Check my full Article guys about how we can save the environment in order to save our suffering world and please don't forget to leave your suggestions and opinions about this matter.
Check my full Article at I hope you find it useful too.

Leave it to the Experts

Thinking that Roof leaks is the biggest problem that a house can ever had? Well then think again because there is something much worst than that and that's no other than poor roof installation.
Yes! Poor Installation is probably the worst case. Roof leaks can be fixed easily using sealers but poor roof installation has to be repaired and it will cost you big time. It can ead to a major disaster which can be a big danger to you and your family. A faulty installation dramatically increases the likelihood of other roof problems and reduces a roof system’s life expectancy.
It makes sense right? This is a serious issue that should be fix before any worst condition arrives. Remember your enemy; bad weather conditions , typhoons, snow storm and even heavy rainfalls.
The durability or life of the roof depends on how well the workmanship is being applied. If you hired someone who has less experience, then most likely you'll end up replacing your roof again in the near future.
Replacing roof is probably one of the most expensive type of repairs but it doesn't mean that you will hire a less experience roofers in order to save money. Take note that your family can be in risk here and they should always be your priority. After all, it's all for your own benefit too.
Hire someone who has the skills and the experience in this kind of repair service. Hire professional Roofers and let them finish the job for you.
It's always the best option to hire experts because they can finish the job in no time in a very satisfying way.