Friday, January 28, 2011

What Keep Me Busy?

Do you know what are the things that keep me busy lately? Well let me all list them down
Blogging. Well, i can say that i am really such a passionate blogger and there's no day that i didn't access my blogs. They're like my babies and i am responsible of taking care of them and have to monitor them everyday. I do not want to disappoint my blogger friends too. They keep on supporting my blogs despite of my absences so i guess it's just right to take the courtesy back to them.
Building My City. Yes, I am an architect by heart haha. I just find CityVille very addicting. Unlike other facebook applications, CityVille is like a compilation of everything. You are harvesting crops like in FarmVille, visiting neighbors like in Restaurant Cities, Building and expanding territories like Castle Age. Name it you got them all in one!
Casino Gaming. Aside from the Facebook game, I started to love playing Casinos online too. Unlike other games, this will give you a chance to earn and win real money. You will be opposing with real online players too. I like playing Blackjack and online Roulette the most. They are very easy and doesn't require any skills or extensive knowledge about the game. Blackjack will test how creative and wise you are in making decision whether you'll stand with your cards or not. Roulette on the other hands is such a very easy and entertaining game. You just have to guess and bet for the winning number.

Final Encounter. If you're following this blog, you must be pretty aware about my hobby. I can say that this is the only creative side of mine haha. I love drawing and making my own comic series and vurrently i am working out with my latest creation entitled Final Encounter. It is a story about a teenage boy destined to save a princess from the hands of villainous Captain. It has so many twists but i made it not so confusing to let everyone understand the story easily. I am planning to release the rest of the chapeters in my comic site. Will buzz about this here soon.

Have a great day guys and happy blogging.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Treasure Isle

If you are following me on my Facebook account, you are probably aware how addicted I am in Facebook gaming Applications. Well I know those games are not so appropriate for my age now. At the age of 22, I should be paying more attention to some serious matters but of course, i'm not taking these games very seriously. I'm just playing them for fun. I am a kind of man who easily get bored especially if i keep on doing that thing over and over again. I used to keep myself busy through these games and they used to be my stress reliever.
That was back 2008 when i became so addicted to Facebook games like Restaurant City, Pet Society and Mafia Wars but then after reaching high levels, i started to felt bored and decided to look for something new. And now, i started to go crazy over Facebook games again. Right now, i am busy playing CityVille and find it more interesting than all other games. And just recently, i created an account with the game called "Treasure Isle". Well, as what the name suggests, your goal there is to find hidden and buried treasures. I'm currently on the "exploring mode" since the game requires a lot of understanding and i find it quite complicated in some parts.
Well, This game reminds me of my childhood when my brother, my cousins and I were playing treasure hunting games. It was like were portraying Indian Jones character and we have to find those hidden treasures. Anyway, i don't mind playing those games again but this time, with my younger brother Milzon. In fact, i did some research already about some creative and challenging treasure hunt ideas. Maybe this weekend, i will start digging the treasure and make treasure hunt clues for him.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Preparing For My Exam

You may not be seeing me around this upcoming days. My Final exam for this semester will be held this coming February and i really have to prepare my self for it. My grades wasn't that good last semester. Well, i didn't failed but my grades are barely passing and it is not really satisfying. I believed that the reason behind those low grades is my addiction to all my online activities like blogging. I hate it but i really have to low down my self for a bit. I will not go online until the last day of our exam period. You know me guys, you know that i cannot live a day without even peaking my blogs and do all my online stuffs. But for the sake of my education, i am willing to take these sacrifices. Besides, the exam will just take more or less two weeks so it isn't that hard at all.
And since tomorrow is the start of these sacrifices, i grabbed the opportunity to do all the things that i can possibly do over the Internet. I visited all my blogger friends, posted entries in all of my blogs, played some facebook gaming applications including my CityVille and farmVille account and played some Casinos online.
I really had fun playing playing Casino games and i never get bored with it. Well, mainly because, you will be dealing with real money here and you will be opposing with real online players which makes the game more exciting. I love Roulette and online slots the most because they are both requiring no skills and techniques for you to win.
Well, I've been sitting here in front of my PC for almost half a day already haha. See you soon guys! have a great day and happy blogging.

Lucky Star

It's New year and i am wishing that i will have a more prosperous year than last year. I was reading the newspaper early this morning and i got a chance to read my horoscope for this entire year. I was very glad that my year according to my horoscope will be fair and normal but definitely much better than last year. According to my Chinese horoscope, Dragon people will find their career a little bit pressuring but i we will be able to manage everything with the help of our friends.
My love life will be more surprising this year too! It says there that i will be able to find the right girl this year and there is a bog possibility that we'll get married by the end of 2011. Isn't too fast? haha. Anyway, i have to look forward to it. I am still single for almost a year now and this prediction about my love life is somehow surprising to me.
Money will not be a big issue too. I will receive more financial blessings this year and starting a new business will be a good step. Well, it is really a good sign isn't? Maybe i better start trying my luck by joining lottery or playing some big time Casino games online. Lottery will give you one in a million chance to win unlike Casino games, where the possibility of winning is much greater. You can also maximize your chances of winning by applying effective strategies.
If there's one thing that i should be focusing more this year , that would be my health. According to my horoscope, i should pay more attention to my health. I should not pressure myself and look for something to keep my self away from getting so stressed. I already inform my bosses that i will be filing a working leave this coming summer. That's a great opportunity to relax and to unwind myself from too much stress. That's a great time too to play my favorite Casino games and have some fun.
How about you? What does your Star tells you for this year?

Sunday, January 16, 2011

House Cleaning Services

Is it really practical to get a House Cleaning Service? Well i guess that is a case to case basis. If you are a busy man and you do not have enough time to do such tasks, then definitely, availing a house cleaning services is the best option that you can do but if you are not that busy and you know you can do it yourself, then definitely, you're just showing how lazy are you!
Well, house cleaning is probably one of the hardest and time consuming tasks. It is continuous and it is your responsibility to maintain the cleanliness inside your house. Well, i guess house cleaning services would be practical if you get something like the House Cleaning Vancouver WA services has. Well, aside from the quality of the service that they are offering, they also make use of non toxic and environmental friendly organic cleaning materials. I have heard so many good things about their services and i did some research about them too.
If you are also interested, you can visit their site at and see how this organic natural cleaning works. Have a great day everyone and happy blogging!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

What Keisha Did

It is raining outside and it irritates me a lot because i have to postpone my meeting with my friends. We are supposed to discuss our upcoming high school reunion but since it is quite risky for me to drive i just decided to take Keisha and shop for some goods at the nearest grocery. Well, for some reason my niece Keisha started to cry and then all of the sudden, she did something that makes my nerve wrack! She pee on my car seats and so idiot of me to forget to remind her nanny to put diapers on her. I want to scream at that moment but i thanks God i was able to manage my temper. I have no choice but to clean my car again! The damage has been done and i can do nothing about it. I wonder how worst would it be when Keisha do the same thing if ever we rent something like those luxury cars that Extreme Limo Portland rent-a-car service in Oregon has. For sure , it will be a major disaster... wahhhh!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Acing Job Interviews

Acing job interviews is definitely one of the hardest part in any job application. Being hired wouldn't be that easy especially now that we are all very much affected by what s0-called global financial crisis. the competition in job market becomes tighter and tighter which makes it so hard for some applicants to be hired.
Both Employment records and educational attainment plays very important role in any job application. The higher your skills are, the higher the tendency for you to be hired. But of course not all companies are scanning their employees through their written credentials. The attitude of an applicant is also very important to them
This is the reason why we have to give all our best in each job interview. Groom properly and talk to them with confidence. This will help you to create good impression and will definitely give you a great chance to be hired.
But if you do not want to undergo this very stressing interviews, then better go to some other options that can help you to earn money even though you are not working under any employer.
Home based jobs are now in demand. Try making money online or join some reliable cash gifting programs. These will help you to earn big bucks by doing nothing but investing money to their companies. Well, joining such programs isn't bad at all as long as you know the company that you are dealing with.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Before buying a Car

What are the things you have to know before buying a car? Busying a car is not that easy because you have to consider some important things before making such a big decision. We all know how expensive a car is and it takes a lot of hard work and preparation for it. It will definitely cut down your budget for this so the first thing you have to do is to be aware of that big cost. You also have to make sure that the car is in a good condition, if the engine works well, and there are no defects. Be aware that maintaining a car is kinda expensive too! After buying, the next step that you have to do is to get insurance for your car so that you are protected in case of the possible traffic collision on the road. Unlike the old days, you do not need to go directly to the insurance company to apply; it can now be done online! In fact you can even check and compare auto quotes usa leading insurance companies has. You can compare auto insurance quotes to check what insurance package suits your budget and needs. After getting the insurance, then it’s up to you if you want to upgrade some parts of your car and buy some additional accessories to make it more appealing.