Thursday, January 20, 2011

Preparing For My Exam

You may not be seeing me around this upcoming days. My Final exam for this semester will be held this coming February and i really have to prepare my self for it. My grades wasn't that good last semester. Well, i didn't failed but my grades are barely passing and it is not really satisfying. I believed that the reason behind those low grades is my addiction to all my online activities like blogging. I hate it but i really have to low down my self for a bit. I will not go online until the last day of our exam period. You know me guys, you know that i cannot live a day without even peaking my blogs and do all my online stuffs. But for the sake of my education, i am willing to take these sacrifices. Besides, the exam will just take more or less two weeks so it isn't that hard at all.
And since tomorrow is the start of these sacrifices, i grabbed the opportunity to do all the things that i can possibly do over the Internet. I visited all my blogger friends, posted entries in all of my blogs, played some facebook gaming applications including my CityVille and farmVille account and played some Casinos online.
I really had fun playing playing Casino games and i never get bored with it. Well, mainly because, you will be dealing with real money here and you will be opposing with real online players which makes the game more exciting. I love Roulette and online slots the most because they are both requiring no skills and techniques for you to win.
Well, I've been sitting here in front of my PC for almost half a day already haha. See you soon guys! have a great day and happy blogging.

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