Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lucky Star

It's New year and i am wishing that i will have a more prosperous year than last year. I was reading the newspaper early this morning and i got a chance to read my horoscope for this entire year. I was very glad that my year according to my horoscope will be fair and normal but definitely much better than last year. According to my Chinese horoscope, Dragon people will find their career a little bit pressuring but i we will be able to manage everything with the help of our friends.
My love life will be more surprising this year too! It says there that i will be able to find the right girl this year and there is a bog possibility that we'll get married by the end of 2011. Isn't too fast? haha. Anyway, i have to look forward to it. I am still single for almost a year now and this prediction about my love life is somehow surprising to me.
Money will not be a big issue too. I will receive more financial blessings this year and starting a new business will be a good step. Well, it is really a good sign isn't? Maybe i better start trying my luck by joining lottery or playing some big time Casino games online. Lottery will give you one in a million chance to win unlike Casino games, where the possibility of winning is much greater. You can also maximize your chances of winning by applying effective strategies.
If there's one thing that i should be focusing more this year , that would be my health. According to my horoscope, i should pay more attention to my health. I should not pressure myself and look for something to keep my self away from getting so stressed. I already inform my bosses that i will be filing a working leave this coming summer. That's a great opportunity to relax and to unwind myself from too much stress. That's a great time too to play my favorite Casino games and have some fun.
How about you? What does your Star tells you for this year?

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