Thursday, January 13, 2011

What Keisha Did

It is raining outside and it irritates me a lot because i have to postpone my meeting with my friends. We are supposed to discuss our upcoming high school reunion but since it is quite risky for me to drive i just decided to take Keisha and shop for some goods at the nearest grocery. Well, for some reason my niece Keisha started to cry and then all of the sudden, she did something that makes my nerve wrack! She pee on my car seats and so idiot of me to forget to remind her nanny to put diapers on her. I want to scream at that moment but i thanks God i was able to manage my temper. I have no choice but to clean my car again! The damage has been done and i can do nothing about it. I wonder how worst would it be when Keisha do the same thing if ever we rent something like those luxury cars that Extreme Limo Portland rent-a-car service in Oregon has. For sure , it will be a major disaster... wahhhh!

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