Friday, January 28, 2011

What Keep Me Busy?

Do you know what are the things that keep me busy lately? Well let me all list them down
Blogging. Well, i can say that i am really such a passionate blogger and there's no day that i didn't access my blogs. They're like my babies and i am responsible of taking care of them and have to monitor them everyday. I do not want to disappoint my blogger friends too. They keep on supporting my blogs despite of my absences so i guess it's just right to take the courtesy back to them.
Building My City. Yes, I am an architect by heart haha. I just find CityVille very addicting. Unlike other facebook applications, CityVille is like a compilation of everything. You are harvesting crops like in FarmVille, visiting neighbors like in Restaurant Cities, Building and expanding territories like Castle Age. Name it you got them all in one!
Casino Gaming. Aside from the Facebook game, I started to love playing Casinos online too. Unlike other games, this will give you a chance to earn and win real money. You will be opposing with real online players too. I like playing Blackjack and online Roulette the most. They are very easy and doesn't require any skills or extensive knowledge about the game. Blackjack will test how creative and wise you are in making decision whether you'll stand with your cards or not. Roulette on the other hands is such a very easy and entertaining game. You just have to guess and bet for the winning number.

Final Encounter. If you're following this blog, you must be pretty aware about my hobby. I can say that this is the only creative side of mine haha. I love drawing and making my own comic series and vurrently i am working out with my latest creation entitled Final Encounter. It is a story about a teenage boy destined to save a princess from the hands of villainous Captain. It has so many twists but i made it not so confusing to let everyone understand the story easily. I am planning to release the rest of the chapeters in my comic site. Will buzz about this here soon.

Have a great day guys and happy blogging.

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