Sunday, June 26, 2011

Stylish Garage Doors

(photo taken from the web)
Whenever i visit my Auntie on their subdivision, i always admire those stylish houses with very stunning garage doors. Well, they must be very rich that's why they can afford to have such stylish garage doors for their very expensive cars.
Well, our car might be as good as them but it's not necessarily mean that our car doesn't deserve to have a nice and very appealing garage right? I'm sure if i will work hard this month and if there will be no unexpected expenses to come, my savings could be enough to give our garage a mini makeover. I guess it deserves that since we've been using the garage for more than a decade now. I'm sure dad feels the same way and he might consider renovating our garage too.
Well, first, I should look for a garage door that will make our garage more exciting and more appealing yet will suit my limited budget.
Secondly, we will get a very nice service, something like that Garage doors Portland in Oregon to install the door perfectly as it should be. Proper installation will make our garage door not just more appealing but more durable too and i guess that's what matters most to us. We need something that will definitely last for long and something that require less maintenance since we all can't afford to do such task especially now that we're all busy in our work.
There are so many stylish garage doors out there and I wonder which of them will suit our garage. Any suggestions guys?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Young Entrepreneurs

I'm sure you guys have heard of those Young entrepreneurs who were honored last year for their meritorious achievement in the business industry. It's when Youth groups from different high schools, colleges, universities and organizations gathered for the one-day event that featured exciting and inspiring topics in the programs and forums held, ranging from business basics to tips on youth concerns and interests. Well, i know it's too ambitious if i will put myself into their position but they all served as an inspiration to their fellow youth like me. I wonder what's their secret and how did they become successful in such a very young age. I have read some of the articles in the newspaper that one of their effective strategy is by promoting their products online. Internet is indeed a powerful tool and has now been use for business purposes too. They said that they targeted potential customers online which is actually the real purpose of Internet Marketing especially those business free classifieds.
It is really hard to sell your products or services to people. You can't please them if they are really not interested. No matter how unique your item is, it will be useless if you do not have effective business strategy. This is where Internet marketing comes in! If you're having a hard time promoting your products on your place, then why not advertise them online using free classifeds. Again they're free so you have nothing to worry and it is not risky at all. Here, you'll get a chance to meet your target customers. It will definitely increase not just the traffic on your site but also the status of your sales. Many young entrepreneurs today became successful using this form of advertising. I hope someday i can be like them too.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Very Interesting Game

Of all the sports out there, I find Golf more interesting and I don't mind trying it someday. Golf is more than a physical game. It measures your mental capacity too. Golf is a game that poses problems that require a lot of creative problem solving. You have to think of a creative and effective strategy to shoot the ball into the hole. The challenge actually depends on the golf course that you choose. Unlike other ball games, Golf do not have standardized playing area. Here, you will encounter different challenges, from water hazards to sand bunkers.
It is indeed a very exciting game especially if you went to a place similar to Lake Oswego, known for their amazing Golf Courses Portland in Oregon. Walking through each golf course is a great way to exercise yourself too unless you make use of the golf cart haha.
We're gonna have a 3 day Holiday starting Tomorrow. Monday is an official non working Holiday in commemoration with the birthday of our National Hero. This is a perfect opportunity to grab, I might encourage my cousins to apply for a golf membership too to the club near our place. I wonder if we have to provide our own golf clubs or we can borrow it from them. I wonder how much is the membership fee too. Are you guys familiar with the pricing system here? Anyway, hope you all have a great weekend guys. Will buzz you more about this. See yah!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Hate Doing House Chores

I really hate doing house chores not just because i am a guy but because of being so demanding. Most of them are very time consuming too. Okay, i know maintaining and cleaning the house regularly is also for my own good but i just don't have enough time for such tasks. My job is more demanding than these tasks and I just can't handle the pressure at all. Of course, i don't want to stay in a very messy environment so despite of my busy working schedule, i still lend some time in cleaning my mess but there are things that i just can't do on a regular basis like cleaning the carpet and also the windows.
Leaving the windows unmaintained will make the glass more brittle and breaks easily when a force is being applied accidentally. You might end up paying for the repair and replacement which is more expensive than paying a regular window cleaner. Actually, i am thinking about it already. Maybe it's time for me to hire someone who can do the rest of the house chores for me. I don't feel like hiring a maid especially the stay-in one because it's kinda risky. I wish i could find something similar to that Windows Portland Services that will definitely keep all my worries away. They can surely fix the issue in no time and at the same time, it will not cost me that much too.
If you are interested, you can check their site at and see what else their company has to offer.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Applying For Payday Loans

Classes just got started a week ago and Milzon was really excited on his first day. Oh and I am more excited than him LOL. As you can recall, we were like so busy preparing for his upcoming school year and it was such an great relief to see the fruit of all our labor. It was such a great relief too to know that i was able manage to buy all what he needs for school. Same thing goes with my sister Mirasol. I thought i'm not gonna make it since my payday is quite delay but thanks God everything went exactly as what i have planned. Well, i know i should not worry that much since i can always apply for cash advance loans whenever my budget is short. I used to apply payday loans if my budget is not enough to support my expenses. Just like those payday loans in georgia and those payday loans in maryland, the application can be done online and it offers faster procedure than any kind of loans especially those big time loans like auto, business and housing loans. It really helped me a lot especially when there are unexpected expenses like hospital bills and other expenses. I used to apply for this kind of loans too if i want to buy something but my budget is limited and my savings are not enough to purchase them.