Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Very Interesting Game

Of all the sports out there, I find Golf more interesting and I don't mind trying it someday. Golf is more than a physical game. It measures your mental capacity too. Golf is a game that poses problems that require a lot of creative problem solving. You have to think of a creative and effective strategy to shoot the ball into the hole. The challenge actually depends on the golf course that you choose. Unlike other ball games, Golf do not have standardized playing area. Here, you will encounter different challenges, from water hazards to sand bunkers.
It is indeed a very exciting game especially if you went to a place similar to Lake Oswego, known for their amazing Golf Courses Portland in Oregon. Walking through each golf course is a great way to exercise yourself too unless you make use of the golf cart haha.
We're gonna have a 3 day Holiday starting Tomorrow. Monday is an official non working Holiday in commemoration with the birthday of our National Hero. This is a perfect opportunity to grab, I might encourage my cousins to apply for a golf membership too to the club near our place. I wonder if we have to provide our own golf clubs or we can borrow it from them. I wonder how much is the membership fee too. Are you guys familiar with the pricing system here? Anyway, hope you all have a great weekend guys. Will buzz you more about this. See yah!

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