Friday, June 17, 2011

Hate Doing House Chores

I really hate doing house chores not just because i am a guy but because of being so demanding. Most of them are very time consuming too. Okay, i know maintaining and cleaning the house regularly is also for my own good but i just don't have enough time for such tasks. My job is more demanding than these tasks and I just can't handle the pressure at all. Of course, i don't want to stay in a very messy environment so despite of my busy working schedule, i still lend some time in cleaning my mess but there are things that i just can't do on a regular basis like cleaning the carpet and also the windows.
Leaving the windows unmaintained will make the glass more brittle and breaks easily when a force is being applied accidentally. You might end up paying for the repair and replacement which is more expensive than paying a regular window cleaner. Actually, i am thinking about it already. Maybe it's time for me to hire someone who can do the rest of the house chores for me. I don't feel like hiring a maid especially the stay-in one because it's kinda risky. I wish i could find something similar to that Windows Portland Services that will definitely keep all my worries away. They can surely fix the issue in no time and at the same time, it will not cost me that much too.
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