Monday, March 28, 2011

Cosmetic Surgery is the Way

Do you consider cosmetic surgery as an effective way to boosts someone's self esteem and self confidence? I do believed so and i can prove it to you by sharing a true story from a very close friend of mine. I just can't disclose her name here in my blog and i want to respect her privacy too so just let me share her story.
She's actually my former colleague and we were on the same Team. I was already there when she first entered the company. I can describe her as one shy girl who tend not to mingle with everyone unless you approach her. She's an overweight. One time we had this Open Forum as a part of our team building, she opened her problems to us and told us that she's really not comfortable with how she looks. Obviously guys, she has this inferiority complex that she's trying to overcome. Since she was just a contractual employee she left the company after six months of working with us. And then one time we held a reunion and our Team leader decided to invite her too. We were all surprised to see how much this girl have changed. She's not that skinny or sexy but you can see how much weight did she lost. She told us that she undergone liposuction. Comparing her before, i can see a huge difference not just on her physical appearance but also the way she interacts with the others. She now now had this Confidence that we've never seen from her before.
The story of my friend is just one of the million stories around the globe that tells us how Cosmetic surgery can change an individual's life. It is said that almost 66 percent of Americans are overweight by 20 pounds and we're also having the same issues here in our country. Overweight is unhealthy not just physically but also socially and mentally. People that are overweight tend to be a loner and afraid to mingle with others. Cosmetic surgery like that los angeles liposuction treatment and beverly hills tummy tuck, is their only way to cut off those flabs in a much faster way. Some of you might not be in favor with this because of the risk that each surgery can offer but actually there's nothing to be afraid of as long as you are dealing with a trusted surgeons like those california breast augmentation surgeons. If ever you decide to undergo such treatment then better go to a clinic that already established a good name and has proven themselves that they can really provide high quality and very satisfying service.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Satisfactorily Workmanship

Roof leaks is probably one of the most common problems that a house can have but there's really something worst than that and that would be the poor roof installation. Roof leaks can be fixed easily using sealers but poor roof installation has to be repaired and it will cost you big time.
Poor installation can lead to a major disaster which can be a big danger to you and your family. A faulty installation dramatically increases the likelihood of other roof problems and reduces a roof system’s life expectancy. It is a serious issue that should be fix before any worst condition arrives like strong cold weather, snow storm and even heavy falls.
The life of the roof depends on how well the workmanship is being applied. If you hired someone who has less experience in roof repairing field, then most likely you'll end up replacing your roof again in the near future. It's true that roof repair could be one of the most expensive repair done to your house but it doesn't mean you have to hire a less experience roofer just to save money. It isn't a practical decision at all knowing that you and your family's safety is in risk.
Hire someone who has the skills and the experience in this kind of repair service. Hire someone who can provide a satisfactorily workmanship like those roof repair portland services roofers in Oregon can offer. Again, be sure that the contractor and crew you’ve hired are educated in proper installation techniques specific to the roof they are installing.

Making Used Car More Appealing

Choosing to buy a used car over a brand new one isn't a bad idea at all. In fact, it is a practical decision to make since you can save a big amount of money in buying a used car. However, before you buy one, make sure that the condition of that car is good. Check the engine, check the interior, check all the other parts to make sure that you will not encounter any serious technical problem in the near future.
After checking the condition and after you purchased one, it is your turn now to make it look brand new again. Again, it is a "Used" Car so do not expect that the car has that glossy appearance that a brand new car has but you can do something to make it look brand new again.
If you visit a place like that Car Painting Portland Shop in Oregon, you'll find out how a hopeless looking car can turn into a great looking auto.
It is up to you how wide you want the car makeover would be but i can assure you that the money that you will be spending here plus the money that you used to buy the car is still way far from the money that you will spend if you buy a new car. So practical isn't! And that's a good thing especially now that we are experiencing global financial crisis where in spending your money wisely is necessary in order to survive.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

How Much would it cost?

This is our Honda Civic. I am really not an expert when it comes to car. All i know is i need that car so that i will no longer have to commute and pay for the transportation expenses. It will be easy also for me to reach the office if i have my own car.
Recently, i have series of issues about my car's Brake pad. Of all the parts of the car, brae is probably the most important along with the engine and exhaust system. However, i do not know how to troubleshoot this issue.
I am actually planning to bring it to a repair shop this weekend though i want your advice guys. I really don't know how much does this car repair cost. I know that it depends on how worst the issue is. I don't know how worst the brake issue is so if ever you experienced the same problem guys, please let me know how much did you pay.
I did some research online when i discovered this Auto Repair Federal Way in Washington. It is a family owned shop and has been in the industry for over 28 years. Serving for more than 2 decades and counting is not a big joke you know. It sure takes hard work and determination. Knowing the fact that they are in this industry for such a long time, shows how people trust them that's why people are still appreciating their service. I just wish i could find something like that here in our country. Any suggestions guys?

Doing House Chores

I am so proud to tell you guys that my mom taught us well on how to become a responsible man. I remember when i was a kid, she used to give us our own schedule in doing certain house chores. Until now, my brother and i are doing the same thing.We still have this daily routine. Even though we are busy with our work, we still make sure to do the given task to us.
I love doing house chores since they teaches us how to become responsible and the experiences that we gained from it can be very useful if ever we decided to become independent.
But i have to admit that i hate doing some house chores especially those tasks that are very stressing and time consuming.
I hate washing the dishes because i don't want to get wet and i feel uncomfortable with it. I also hate cleaning the gutters because i simply can't bear with the hassle that it provides.
It is very risky too and non of us has the braveness to do such task. This is the reason why we used to hire someone to fix the gutter for us. Summer is here and i guess we have to hire someone again to climb on the roof and clean the gutter for us. But this time, i will encourage my mom to hire an expert. There must be a company out there that can provide high quality and satisfying service like that Gutter Cleaning Portland service in Oregon. I have heard so many good things about them from my friends online. Well, we will try our best to find one here in our area.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Clumsy and Untidy

I remember when i was in grade school, i used to be that clumsy boy and i am really not so clean with all my things. It's always been a negative remark on my school card and mom used to scold me because of this untidiness attitude towards my stuffs. Well, fortunately, things have changed now and i was able to changed myself and learned how to become more organized.
Guess what, it was Milzon's red letter day in school last week and since mom had an important meeting at that time with her client, i have no choice but to represent her. Anyway, to make the story short, i went there to get Milzon's report card. I am so proud because all his grades are higher than what we are expecting. I didn't know that he's really good in mathematics. In fact, his teacher proudly mentioned it to me while i am signing his card however, she also mentioned something about Milzon's untidiness. His penmanship is really poor and his notebooks are not so clean and organized.
So we both went home. I dare not to scold him about his untidiness since i am seeing myself in him when i was at his age hehe. I went to check his bag too. His actually using a shoulder bag and i was a bit surprised with what i saw. He's really not so good in organzing his books and notebooks inside his bag. Just look at this photo below.
And also i noticed that his shoulder bag is not in a good condition anymore. The strap has been damaged a bit.
How come my mom failed to notice it! Anyway, i guess i have to replace it and buy him a new one. I find this laundry bag pretty interesting. I saw it online and actually there are 14 stylish designs available on their site.
But if he doesn't like this one, maybe i can recommend this stephen joseph quilted backpack in which i saw at same site.
What yah think huh? So cute right? I guess i will let him choose his own bag. Well, aside from this bag, i also have to buy my mom a gardening related book or something that talks about landscaping. She's really enjoying her new hobby recently and i want to buy her this book so that she will have new ideas on how to make our garden more appealing. Actually my friends are buzzing me about Dallas landscaping. They said that it can be a big help for my mom in order to have a nice a great looking garden. Well, will check that later to find out.
Have a great day guys!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Unsatisfying Janitorial Service at our Office

Sometimes, i am wondering if we really have a janitor in our office because i believe me guys our office facilities are not that clean. How i wish i could share some photos with you but we are not allowed to bring camera inside the company's premises. We stored our gadgets inside our lockets which is located in the guard's house.
Anyway, back to the janitor thing. Me and my colleagues always have some issues about the janitorial services in our company. It's kinda upsetting to see a big mess inside your office almost everyday. Supposed to be, janitors should clean the building's facilities after our working hours right? I don't know if they are not paid to clean our offices or they are simply not doing their tasks properly. In fact, we submitted several complaints already in our Office admin but we received no response from them until now.
I know i am acting a little bit Over-the-top, but i hope you understand my situation guys. The fact that seeing your office not so clean and untidy the time that you enter your room each in every morning, is a sign of the janitor's unprofessionalism right? I just wish my company will take action on this in behalf of my colleagues who are also experiencing the same issue. I wish they could hire someone fro a company that is well know for providing high quality services like the Janitorial Services Seattle Washington has.
Well, while waiting for their response, i guess i have to deal with this unsatisfying Janitorial service for the meantime but i hope it will not take that long.