Monday, March 28, 2011

Cosmetic Surgery is the Way

Do you consider cosmetic surgery as an effective way to boosts someone's self esteem and self confidence? I do believed so and i can prove it to you by sharing a true story from a very close friend of mine. I just can't disclose her name here in my blog and i want to respect her privacy too so just let me share her story.
She's actually my former colleague and we were on the same Team. I was already there when she first entered the company. I can describe her as one shy girl who tend not to mingle with everyone unless you approach her. She's an overweight. One time we had this Open Forum as a part of our team building, she opened her problems to us and told us that she's really not comfortable with how she looks. Obviously guys, she has this inferiority complex that she's trying to overcome. Since she was just a contractual employee she left the company after six months of working with us. And then one time we held a reunion and our Team leader decided to invite her too. We were all surprised to see how much this girl have changed. She's not that skinny or sexy but you can see how much weight did she lost. She told us that she undergone liposuction. Comparing her before, i can see a huge difference not just on her physical appearance but also the way she interacts with the others. She now now had this Confidence that we've never seen from her before.
The story of my friend is just one of the million stories around the globe that tells us how Cosmetic surgery can change an individual's life. It is said that almost 66 percent of Americans are overweight by 20 pounds and we're also having the same issues here in our country. Overweight is unhealthy not just physically but also socially and mentally. People that are overweight tend to be a loner and afraid to mingle with others. Cosmetic surgery like that los angeles liposuction treatment and beverly hills tummy tuck, is their only way to cut off those flabs in a much faster way. Some of you might not be in favor with this because of the risk that each surgery can offer but actually there's nothing to be afraid of as long as you are dealing with a trusted surgeons like those california breast augmentation surgeons. If ever you decide to undergo such treatment then better go to a clinic that already established a good name and has proven themselves that they can really provide high quality and very satisfying service.

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