Thursday, March 17, 2011

How Much would it cost?

This is our Honda Civic. I am really not an expert when it comes to car. All i know is i need that car so that i will no longer have to commute and pay for the transportation expenses. It will be easy also for me to reach the office if i have my own car.
Recently, i have series of issues about my car's Brake pad. Of all the parts of the car, brae is probably the most important along with the engine and exhaust system. However, i do not know how to troubleshoot this issue.
I am actually planning to bring it to a repair shop this weekend though i want your advice guys. I really don't know how much does this car repair cost. I know that it depends on how worst the issue is. I don't know how worst the brake issue is so if ever you experienced the same problem guys, please let me know how much did you pay.
I did some research online when i discovered this Auto Repair Federal Way in Washington. It is a family owned shop and has been in the industry for over 28 years. Serving for more than 2 decades and counting is not a big joke you know. It sure takes hard work and determination. Knowing the fact that they are in this industry for such a long time, shows how people trust them that's why people are still appreciating their service. I just wish i could find something like that here in our country. Any suggestions guys?

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