Friday, March 11, 2011

Clumsy and Untidy

I remember when i was in grade school, i used to be that clumsy boy and i am really not so clean with all my things. It's always been a negative remark on my school card and mom used to scold me because of this untidiness attitude towards my stuffs. Well, fortunately, things have changed now and i was able to changed myself and learned how to become more organized.
Guess what, it was Milzon's red letter day in school last week and since mom had an important meeting at that time with her client, i have no choice but to represent her. Anyway, to make the story short, i went there to get Milzon's report card. I am so proud because all his grades are higher than what we are expecting. I didn't know that he's really good in mathematics. In fact, his teacher proudly mentioned it to me while i am signing his card however, she also mentioned something about Milzon's untidiness. His penmanship is really poor and his notebooks are not so clean and organized.
So we both went home. I dare not to scold him about his untidiness since i am seeing myself in him when i was at his age hehe. I went to check his bag too. His actually using a shoulder bag and i was a bit surprised with what i saw. He's really not so good in organzing his books and notebooks inside his bag. Just look at this photo below.
And also i noticed that his shoulder bag is not in a good condition anymore. The strap has been damaged a bit.
How come my mom failed to notice it! Anyway, i guess i have to replace it and buy him a new one. I find this laundry bag pretty interesting. I saw it online and actually there are 14 stylish designs available on their site.
But if he doesn't like this one, maybe i can recommend this stephen joseph quilted backpack in which i saw at same site.
What yah think huh? So cute right? I guess i will let him choose his own bag. Well, aside from this bag, i also have to buy my mom a gardening related book or something that talks about landscaping. She's really enjoying her new hobby recently and i want to buy her this book so that she will have new ideas on how to make our garden more appealing. Actually my friends are buzzing me about Dallas landscaping. They said that it can be a big help for my mom in order to have a nice a great looking garden. Well, will check that later to find out.
Have a great day guys!

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