Thursday, March 17, 2011

Doing House Chores

I am so proud to tell you guys that my mom taught us well on how to become a responsible man. I remember when i was a kid, she used to give us our own schedule in doing certain house chores. Until now, my brother and i are doing the same thing.We still have this daily routine. Even though we are busy with our work, we still make sure to do the given task to us.
I love doing house chores since they teaches us how to become responsible and the experiences that we gained from it can be very useful if ever we decided to become independent.
But i have to admit that i hate doing some house chores especially those tasks that are very stressing and time consuming.
I hate washing the dishes because i don't want to get wet and i feel uncomfortable with it. I also hate cleaning the gutters because i simply can't bear with the hassle that it provides.
It is very risky too and non of us has the braveness to do such task. This is the reason why we used to hire someone to fix the gutter for us. Summer is here and i guess we have to hire someone again to climb on the roof and clean the gutter for us. But this time, i will encourage my mom to hire an expert. There must be a company out there that can provide high quality and satisfying service like that Gutter Cleaning Portland service in Oregon. I have heard so many good things about them from my friends online. Well, we will try our best to find one here in our area.

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