Thursday, March 10, 2011

Unsatisfying Janitorial Service at our Office

Sometimes, i am wondering if we really have a janitor in our office because i believe me guys our office facilities are not that clean. How i wish i could share some photos with you but we are not allowed to bring camera inside the company's premises. We stored our gadgets inside our lockets which is located in the guard's house.
Anyway, back to the janitor thing. Me and my colleagues always have some issues about the janitorial services in our company. It's kinda upsetting to see a big mess inside your office almost everyday. Supposed to be, janitors should clean the building's facilities after our working hours right? I don't know if they are not paid to clean our offices or they are simply not doing their tasks properly. In fact, we submitted several complaints already in our Office admin but we received no response from them until now.
I know i am acting a little bit Over-the-top, but i hope you understand my situation guys. The fact that seeing your office not so clean and untidy the time that you enter your room each in every morning, is a sign of the janitor's unprofessionalism right? I just wish my company will take action on this in behalf of my colleagues who are also experiencing the same issue. I wish they could hire someone fro a company that is well know for providing high quality services like the Janitorial Services Seattle Washington has.
Well, while waiting for their response, i guess i have to deal with this unsatisfying Janitorial service for the meantime but i hope it will not take that long.

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Ethan Redrick said...

The problem is not isolated in your office. Many offices lacked cleaning services and some even lacked basic sanitary tools. The authorities usually do inspections in office buildings for the safety of workers. Your company should hire professional cleaners to maintain sanitation and safety.