Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Listening To Music

Music has been a part of our everyday life. We can't live without music. I can say that I am a certified music lover and even though i love old music better than today's hottest songs, there still few new songs from new artists of today that i love to listen with. I love listening to different genres of music too like jazz, acoustic, light rock, ballads, love songs, pop and some sort of rap just like music hits from a famous rapper~Eminem.

Listening to Music can help us in so many ways. It can help us to forget our problems and help us to recall good memories from the past. Music makes our lives more colorful and meaningful. Embracing their song and listening to the melody will somehow ease the pain and it will bring us to a world beyond our imagination. Music is our life, their lyrics are our story and their melodies are our emotions.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cosmetic Surgery

Modern technology really change everything in every field most especially in Science. We are continuously embracing the modern technology especially in medical science. We have what we called "cosmetic surgery" where people have to undergo medical process and procedures to achieve their desired look. Let me ask you, do you consider this kind of medical processes and practices as a way to meet someone's satisfaction? You might say "no" if you find them too expensive and risky or perhaps you are contented with your figure and don't need this kind of surgery that much.There are wide variety of cosmetic surgery, we have what we called "breast enlargement" liposuction, face lift and "botox". A friend of mine had this Botox and i she's proud of it. Botox is a short term for botulinum toxin. Botox will help you to eliminate wrinkles through paralyzing the muscles in your face. Many celebrities have undergone this kind of medical treatment. If you can afford and willing to undergo with this kind of medical procedures, the most important thing to consider is your "safety".You need to look into the cost as a whole, any risk and side effect after the treatment. According to some articles i have read, Botox and other cosmetic surgeries are actually safe if they are done carefully and correctly by your surgeons. However, this procedures can also cause Allergic reaction to the patient if it was improperly done. For me it’s not bad and dangerous to undergo this type of medical procedures as long as you have surgeons you can trust with. But do not over do it or else it will lead to a disastrous outcome just like what happened to this woman..

Friday, January 8, 2010

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Friday, January 1, 2010

Fat Fighting Foods

I have read this over Yahoo! It's the "8 fat fighting Foods" Well let see if this 8 fat fighting foods really work in digesting fats.
  • Almonds - it was said that Dieters who ate 3 ounces of these nuts every day reduced their weight and body-mass index. Now here's my problem, I only get chance to eat almonds when i buy Hershey's Kisses^^Sad to say Chocolates and other sweet delicacies build up fats!
  • Berries - Vitamin C–loaded fruit such as strawberries and raspberries can help you sizzle up to 30 percent more fat during exercise. Berries are really hard to find in my country unless i went to Baguio and buy some packs of it!
  • Cinnamon - his spice could make your waistline nice. I hate the taste of Cinnamon so i guess i can't take it!
  • Mustard - The spice that gives mustard its color, turmeric, may slow the growth of fat tissues. Did you say Mustard? I prefer Custard ! its color Yellow too right?
  • Orange - Prevent pound creep with this citrus star: It contains fat-torching compounds called flavones. Among all the foods that was being mentioned , this is the only fruits i ate the most!
  • Soy Beans - These green gems are rich in choline, a compound that blocks fat absorption and breaks down fatty deposits. Add ½ cup edamame to a salad. I love soybeans, here in Philippines we have what we called "taho". It is a sweet soya drink made out of soya beans of course!
  • Sweet potato - hey’re high in fiber, which means no drastic insulin jumps and thus less fat packed onto your hips. I love Sweet potato! My mom usually include this to some of her recipes!
  • Swiss Cheese - Calcium-rich foods reduce fat-producing enzymes and increase fat breakdown. Okay! we only serve Swiss Cheese during Christmas eve!

Why Do We Dislike Taking Risks?

As I was searching over the Internet last night, I found a very interesting article about taking risks. I just went over to Arina’s Self Help blog and read her very inspiring article about “Why Do We Dislike Taking Risks?” I have learned a lot from her article and understand everything about taking risks and why most of us are afraid of taking it. According to her, as long as we know how to do it well, there’s nothing to be afraid of in taking risks. We should be confident facing all the consequences and we should have enough courage to face possible failures.

I love Eyeglasses

I love wearing eyeglasses. I prefer wearing them no matter how bulky they are than wearing contact lenses. Contact lenses are too risky and the improper way of using them may lead to some eye health problems like vision impairment or poor eyesight. I love wearing transparent eyeglasses because i'm not so comfortable with shaded glasses. Nowadays, these eyeglasses serve not just for eye protection but also as a fashion statement.
I usually match up my glasses with the clothes that i'm wearing. I feel more decent if i am wearing these glasses but ofcourse i hate to wear eyeglasses which are too bulky for i may look nerd or weirdo.

Jump High

My height is 5’9” but my friends are teasing me that I am such a loser in terms of playing Basketball. I realized that being tall is not enough. It’s true that being tall is such an advantage in basketball especially if you are quick, strong and if you got great strategy for the game but if you don’t know how to jump higher, it will be useless. I tried everything and try to apply different strategies but I always failed. Luckily, I found a site that offers training program that will teach you how to jump higher. If you are interested and you want to LEARN HOW TO JUMP HIGHER like me, you can visit http://howtojumphigher.grovetech.com and see what the site has to offer for you.