Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Small and Crowded Room!

I never had a chance to have a big spce for my bed room even in our house at the province. Yes i do have my own room but the space is really not comfortable. Just look at the picture above. I feel like sleeping inside a coffin every night haha. It doesn't even have any space for other furniture like my closet. Good thing we have one more room where we place all our cabinet and closet in one. My sister got the same size of bedroom but she manage to place a lot of things inside. Mine is nothing but a trash haha.
I wish i could place our extra 21 inch tv in my room but the space is really not enough to occupied it. I think the best gadget that will fit this room would be a Flat screen TV or a LED TV. I saw a lot of this in some interior designing magazine. I have heard that you can hang it on your wall as if you're just placing a picture frame. It is not space consuming indeed but the price is quite expensive. I do have savings but i guess i need to ask some help from my parents. Since they are planning to buy a new car this year, i'm sure i will end up applying a loan for myself. Well, i don't have any bad credit history and i always pay in time so it would not be so hard for me to get the lending company's approval. Or maybe i could ask some help from my beloved Auntie. I'm sure she can't resist on helping me because she treat me like her baby already ahahaa. Anyway, i will set this as one of my goal for this year. Wish me luck guys. Will just buzz more about this so please stay tune to my future entries okay?

Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Mom's New Business

One of my mom's specialty is her Tamales. She's really good in making this Mexican Dish. She used to serve this in every special occasion but we never thought that this hobby could become a serious business. Mom is now busy with her Tamales business and she keep on receiving order everyday. In fact, she now hires helper to help her in cooking this dish. The real Mexican Tamales are being steamed but because this one has a Filipino touch, it is a bit sweeter. The main ingredients of this recipe is the grained rice and finely grained peanut. The taste is somehow similar to peanut butter but it is quite spicy and has lots of other ingredients included to it.

Anyway, the busiest day for my mom would be last December because she was able to received a lot of orders. People used to include Tamales as one of their traditional Christmas dishes.

In fact, my brothers and I were planning to help our mom in promoting her business. I am planning to build a site for her to make her Tamales visible online. We told her to create a video of her while making Tamales and promote it on YouTube. I know we will be starting from scratch and it is a big challenge for all of us. Though i have heard that it is possible to Buy YouTube Views to make it easy for you to promote your videos on YouTube and i guess that is the best option we could have.
I have also heard that it is possible to Buy Facebook Fans. This is a good step to make my mom's business more visible online. It is also possible to Buy Twitter Followers. Sound interesting right?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hiring A Professional Plumber

Sometimes, when we need a plumbing repair, we just ask some help from our neighbors or from our relatives who somehow has the knowledge how to fix it. However we realized that hiring someone who do not have enough skills about plumbing repair will just bring troubles and will just result to a disastrous outcome. Yes it's true that hiring unprofessional plumber is a bit cheaper but the chances are, you'll be experiencing the same plumbing issues over and over again so it is not practical option at all.
Better hire someone who knows what exactly his trade is. Hiring a professional plumber like the Plumber Portland Or has is really advisable if you want to put an end to your plumbing issues.Plumbing issues is something that you should not ignore because if you keep on ignoring it, you will just make the condition much worst. Let say for example you noticed that the faucet in your kitchen drains slow, well that is already a sign that there must be a problem with your plumbing system and better hire a plumber immediately to prevent any worst case scenario.
Oh, if you keep on ignoring that issues too, the cost of repair and operation will get higher and higher too. So how about you? What do prefer? Hiring someone that offers very cheap service yet unprofessional or hiring a professional plumber that can fix your issue in no time?