Monday, December 27, 2010

Vinyl Replacement Windows

Hi guys! How’s your Christmas? I hope you all had a great time spending your Christmas Eve with your family. Actually, right now, I am helping my mom cleaning our house. We are removing some of our Christmas Decors outside. Okay, we will not take everything out since we are still in the Christmas week, we will just remove those bulky Christmas d├ęcor like the lanterns we have outside. Mom really exerted a lot of effort in decorating our house to make it more Christmassy. She actually bought new curtains for our living room which has designs ideal for Christmas. But of course, we are planning to remove it soon. We are actually thinking of replacing the curtains with vinyl windows. Vinyl windows are more classy, more neat and most of all, very easy to clean unlike the curtains that you have to wash from time to time. I think we better start looking for the best Vinyl Replacement Windows services now. I hope we could find cheap yet high quality replacement windows for our home like the one I saw online yesterday. Windows Replacements offers cheap and elegant looking Vinyl Windows that will definitely make your house more appealing than ever. If you are interested, you can check them at and see what else the site has to offer for you. Actually aside from Vinyl type windows, they are also offering

As a Car Owner

As a car owner, you are responsible of maintaining your car in a good condition. Upgrading its parts and its engine is very advisable to improve your car performance. You should also have your car engine be checked in a regular interval to avoid any engine malfunctions. You should also check which parts of your car, no matter if it is an exterior or an interior part should be replaced. Also pay attention to even the smallest details or accessories of your car. Try to make your car clean and more appealing as possible. In addition to that, it is also part of your duty to get your car an insurance like what the auto insurance Vancouver WA has. Besides, applying for an auto insurance is not that hard especially now that you can do it online and the process of approval will take a short time unlike applying directly to an insurance company. Anyway, you have to be very responsible as a driver. Do not be so reckless and always fulfill your duty in right and timely manner.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Special Gift

Are you tired of receiving the same gift every Christmas? Tired of the stuffed toys? Want to get rid of the chocolates? Hate receiving organizers and picture frames? Well, why don’t you just treat your self or ask your boyfie or your girlfriend to buy you something unique and something very special this year? Why don’t you ask for an Authentic Rolex? It is less expensive than jewelries yet last forever like a diamond. It must be really special and will definitely give a new spark to your boring Christmas holiday. If your convincing power didn’t work effectively to them then, go ahead and treat your self and buy an elegant looking Rolex watch for yourself. If you want to check for the latest Rolex models then you must visit and see what the site has to offer for you. Have a happy holiday and may you have the merriest Christmas this year!

Milzon's Christmas Party

It’s Milzon’s Christmas party today and I will be attending this event. Mom is not available at this time because of a very important meeting with his client so I have no choice but to deal with it even though it’s a bit stressing since I am the only one available. Anyway, I think it’s going to be fun since they are planning to organize some cool games which involve the parents. I’m really not into partying because I am not that good in socializing with other people. I am not used to wear casual clothes every time I am about to attend a certain event. I used to wear formal clothes and then match it up with an elegant looking watch like that Blancpain Le Brassus for men. I just love those Authentic watches because of it can be worn in any type of clothes whether it’s formal or casual. It matches up any occasion too! Speaking of Authentic watches, I just discovered a site that offers a huge collection of stylish and elegant looking watches like the Blancpain. If you are interested, you can visit and see what else the site has to offer for you.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Bored No More

Do you have any idea on how to get rid of the boredom? Being alone or doing a regular routine almost everyday will definitely bored you down and you must do something to cheer you up. Listening to an entertaining music is big help to boost some energy while you are working. You can also spend some quality time for yourself. Give yourself a treat by going out with your friends or by simply hitting the mall. Involved yourself on sport like basketball or badminton to keep you in fit and active but if you are not that athletic type of person, well, you can just watch the game live. This will definitely warm up your adrenaline and will somehow ease the boredom feeling. But if you do not have any choice but to stay at home or at your office because of your work, then do something to entertain you. Why don’t you play some cool microgaming casinos. These games will definitely challenge you and will keep you away from getting so bored. You can try mega moolah, a five reel slot machine game. It’s a very interesting game and you do not have to apply any skill or technique in order for you to win but you can check some jackpot guide online to give you ideas on how to ace the jackpot prize.

Just Gamers

Okay, Uncle James is inviting me again to drop by at his house because he will be introducing a new game that he found online. It’s funny but Uncle James is like 35 years old already but he is still fond of playing video games. He’s actually the one who encouraged me to play those online Casinos and other gambling sites that will give me a sure win. I like Roulette the most because it is so easy to play with and it doesn’t require an expert or skilled player to win the game. You just have to guess the winning number by placing your bet of the roulette table using the online roulette chips. Anyway, I am so excited to see the game that he is telling me since yesterday. I have heard that it is a horror action game and I really want to know how that game works. Will buzz more about this game and will give my own reviews about it too. See yah!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

All About RV

Recreation Vehicle or simply Rv is a motor vehicle which can be equipped with a living space and amenities commonly found in a house. This kind of vehicle has different types and can be categorize depending on its class. The higher the class is, the larger and greater it looks. Class A RV comes up with an extended slide-out floors, making it much wider compare to any other RV styles. Class B on the other hands is the normal one but the space is good enough to accommodate all the furniture and appliances inside. The good thing about RV is that you can customize its design based on your own preferences. You are free to choose what kind of furniture you want for your living room and more. Some RV comes up with a small cubicle and a toilet inside. Some have built in lavatory. You can even customize your own kitchen by buying some stylish furniture and RV Faucet on it. It is very ideal for those who loves to travel and don’t want to stay in one location.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Spending Sensibly

Christmas is not just about preparing gifts or luxurious celebration. Let us always remember that we celebrate this very special day to give tribute to the day when the Jesus Christ was born
Advanced Happy holiday everyone!

You Spend Sensibly

You love to shop for holiday presents, but you are above all a savvy shopper.

You know you don't have to spend a fortune to get the perfect gift, and you'll shop around to find the right thing at the right price.

You prefer gifts that people actually want to receive to gifts that dazzle or impress.

You hope that your gifts stand the test of time. If someone keeps your gift for years, you consider it a success!

Tax Returns

I remember the first time i file my tax return, i really find it hard because i cannot understand some of its figures. There are some fields in my tax return that i don’t know what to put knowing that it was my first time to encounter such words. Preparing for your Personal Income Tax returns is probably one of the most challenging parts of my work. Well, we are all entitled to pay for our own taxes and we have to submit our report annually. This report should be done accurately. This is the reason why most Personal Income Tax Payers like me hire or avail bookkeeping services like the one being offered at Tax Preparation Vancouver WA. They will help any individual like you to prepare for your tax returns and have it done accurately with no ease. Aside from Bookkeeping, Tax Preparation Portland offers other services like Audit Assistance, Business Income and Personal Income Tax Preparation, IRS Debt Resolution and more.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Teachers and Payday Loans

I will become a teacher soon. I am currently on my third year and one year from now, I will start teaching high school students. Teaching has always been my passion. I love teaching kids, sharing my knowledge and I love to see them learning. However, if there is one thing that I should be worrying about this profession is the low salary being offered by the government. I know that I should act very professional regardless of the salary but you just can’t blame me. I have my own needs and I need to work because I need money to cover all my daily expenses. This maybe the reason why most teachers are applying for payday loans online to t least help them in suffering budget. Good thing that you can now apply for payday loans online and get instant money in no time unlike before that you need to travel that far just to reach the nearest lending company in your area and apply to them directly. But of course, I don’t want to come to a point that I am applying for payday loans online every time just to cover the rest of my expenses. I just don’t want to rely for it forever and I just wish teachers will get salary increase and I hope the government will lend some budget for it. Teacher is the greatest profession of all. There will be no pilots, lawyers, doctors and engineers without teachers who offered their time teaching them what to do. We deserve higher and we deserve respect.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Proper Usage of Shampoo and Conditioner

The usage of shampoo and conditioner will depend upon on your hair style and condition. If you have an oily type of hair, then use shampoo more frequently but if you hair is thick and dry, then using hair conditioner is highly advisable. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that those who have oily hair should not use conditioner and vice versa. It’s just that, you have to use both moderately and properly. If you want your hair to look smooth, silky and healthy, then you should use a product that is appropriate and right for your hair style. In my case, i have a very dry and rough hair, but i was able to revitalize it and bring the moisture back by applying deep conditioner to my hair. Conditioners also improve and maintain my hair texture, making me look fresh and clean every day.

Did you know that Joico makes a broad selection of
hair color products? Their salon-quality hair products such as their K-PAK Color Therapy shampoo and conditioner are world class.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Trouble

I remember last month, my nephew visited us for dinner together with his parents. Her accidentally hit the windshield of my neighbor's car. Well he's always like that, he keeps on making trouble. Well you just can't blame that 3 year old kid because he still don't know what is right or wrong. We just keep on telling him to stop doing that or this to discipline him. I just don't know what the hell he was playing and where did he got that stone and what was the whole story behind that broken wind shield. We just talked to our neighbor and tell them what happen . We told them that we will be replacing the broken wind shield. And we're very lucky that he was able to forgive us and didn't get mad to what my nephew did. In fact, he's the one who told us not to buy a new one, instead he referred us to a scrapyard shop like that Auto Wrecking Seattle shop i saw online. Here, dismantled automotive parts are being sold. So we bought a second hand yet high class wind shield in such a very low price. Good thing there are these dismantler shops where we can find car spare parts at a very low cost yet high in quality still.

A Responsible Car Owner

As a car owner, you have lots of responsibilities and duties to obey . You have to obey the rules of the road and should not be a reckless driver. You have to get your car an insurance to hedge the risk of any possible devastating loss. It is also your responsibility to maintain your car's good condition and performance by checking its engine and other essential parts from time to time. It is also advisable to bring your car to an auto repair shop like that well trusted auto repair spokane shop tat is well known for providing premium quality of service for your car. You can also upgrade or replace some parts of your car or add some cool car accessories to it to make it look more appealing.

Perfect Smile

Of course we all want to have that perfect smile just like what being shown to us by those good looking models over different advertisements and huge billboards. I wonder how long does it take for them to achieve such a wonderful smile or maybe they were really born with such a wonderful gift from God. But of course, let's not lose hope and not underestimate the power of modern technology. With the expertise, professionalism, and with the use of those modern dental apparatus like what those Dentists Vancouver WA has, I'm sure it is not impossible to have that perfect smile that you are always wanting for.

Harvest Moon in Real Life

Are you familiar with a video game "Harvest Moon"? Well, i really like this role playing game because it will \teach you a lot of things that you can definitely apply in real life. You will be playing a role here of a farmer and your job is to make your farm successful and productive by planting more trees, harvesting crops, taking care of your poultry animals and more. In taking care of your farm, one of your duties is to remove those unwanted elements that can ruin and conquer your farming landscape. These are the trees, trucks, branches, grass,, stones and more. They are all scattered everywhere conquering most if your landscaping area. Well in real life i know that it is very impossible for a person to life those trucks and trees alone using an axe and a mallet. In reality, these trees that conquer most space in your farming landscape or even in your garden, can now easily be removed using special lifting equipments like that Tree Service Portland has. I'm sure modern farms are making use of this technology to make their farm more productive and clean.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Foggy Mirror

Do you feel upset seeing yourself on that foggy mirror of yours? Let me share you some useful tips to make that mirror clear again. Rubbing your window with a cloth is not really advisable. Cloth might leave visible rubbing strokes and small threads, making your mirror more foggy. The best way to clear your window is by using a crumpled newspaper and a water with soap. Dip the crumpled paper on the water with soap and rub it gently on the mirror surface. Your stroke should start from the upper part going down. Then wipe it again with a dry crumpled newspaper. If the mirror remains foggy then i suggest you replace it with something new. I suggest you should find something like the Glass Replacement Portland services to replace your mirror into a brand new one!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Life After Death

We really have to admit it! We will all came to a point that the life that was given to us will be taken again at the right time and place by our mighty creator. Death is something that we cannot escape, however, remember what The Rapture of the Church is trying to tell us that there's a life after death. According to the bible, God will bring the death back to life and if you remained faithful to him before you die and if you believe in him, he will definitely take you to his promised land. A paradise where we can live free from any of those earthly sins and will live eternally with our mighty God. There's really such thing as rapture. I remember a book from the Bible where it mentioned hoe Philip was caught by the spirit of the lord and brought him to another place. How about you guys? Do you believe that there's life after Death?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Art Projects for November

We're set to make 8 art projects this month and they are all related to Christmas. If you enjoyed our Halloween projects(Check them here), you will surely have fun with our upcoming projects. We're currently working with the other four, but here's a glimpse to the first four art project for this month.

Using empty egg shells, colored papers and googly eyes, we can make an amazing art work!

With red colored papers, sprinkle some golden glitters, you will surely feel the spirit of Christmas!

Using assorted colored papers, cardboard and colorful laces and ribbons... you will surely love to create more!

Using a card board from an empty aluminum foil and green crepe paper, we can make a nice art project that can be very useful this coming Christmas day!

Relax and Enjoy!

I went to my Auntie yesterday for a dinner. I also grabbed that opportunity to help my cousin Christian to finish his thesis. Well, he used to help me with my projects so i guess it is just right to bring the courtesy back to him. Anyway, while i was with my auntie, she asked me if i know something interesting to do while she is currently on-leave from work. I told her that it would be great to hit the beach or go to an out of town trip. I also told her to visit a spa or a sauna to fresh her self up from those stressing working days at her office. It is a perfect time to grab that opportunity to relax and enjoy. Speaking of relaxation, i went online yesterday and found this very interesting infrared sauna. Unlike traditional sauna, these infrared saunas offer ten times the benefits you can get from the traditional ones. We all know that going to a sauna is one of the most effective ways to lose weight right? Amazingly, these infrared saunas can help you not just to lose weight effectively but also to detoxify those harmful toxins within your body, strengthen your immune system and prevent possible diseases. It can also act as an anti- aging treatment, so i guess my auntie will be very interested to visit the nearest spa here in our area that offer such procedure.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Terrifying Experience At a General Hospital

My brother's friend's death has been very controversial. I dare not to disclose his name here in my blog for his privacy and as a matter of respect as well. This guy committed a suicide. He swallowed 2 packs of a kind of firecracker known as "Watusi". The poison spread all over his body which leads him to death. It was very tragic especially for his family. But if there's one thing that is more tragic than his death, that would be their experience as they sent this guy on that General hospital. This general hospital is the only hospital that offers cheap medical fees and one of the hospitals that has complete medical equipments. No wonder why many people traveled miles away from their province just to reach this place. However, since it is a public hospital, the facilities are not that good. Actually, according to my brother, who is one of the guys who brought their friend on that hospital, the system and the services being offered at that hospital are so terrible. They even saw patients lying on the floor because of the lack of public rooms. I was so shocked to hear that nurses are just ignoring those struggling patients. This is very humiliating. I just hope someone will have enough courage to hire a Medical Malpracice Attorney like the one they have in Tacoma Washington and help these pitiful patients to fight for their rights.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Dracula has been one of the immortalized horror movie characters along with Frankenstein and werewolves. Before the well renown Freddie Krueger of Nightmare in the Elm Street, Jason Vhoores of Friday the 13th, or Leatherface of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, there once had the blood sucking Dracula who transforms himself into a bat and look for victims to suck their bloods. If you have watched a dracula movie, then you are definitely aware of their notable behaviour. He sleeps at day and walks by night;He is sleeping inside a coffin; He transform himslef into a bat; He has two deadly fangs ready to bite you anytime. Today, people are getting crazy over Twilight Vampires but we have to take note that these films were only inspired from the original dracula movie. I wonder if there will be a new dracula movie this year.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Keeping Yourself From Getting Bored

When i am bored, i usually find ways to amuse and cheer my self up. It's either i watch tv, do my daily online activities like blogging, chatting and social networking or play my favorite US online casinos. Watching TV could be sometimes boring especially if you don't like the program that you are watching. Not to mention the tv commercials that are very irritating too. Online activity such as blogging could be boring when you spend so much time facing your computer. Same thing goes with Casino games when you play it for such a long time but the intense of playing it will encourage you to play more especially when you start winning several bets. How about you guys? What do you do to keep yourself from getting bored?

RPG and Online Casino

I love playing video games and i usually bring my PSP with me so that whenever i get idle time on my work, i still have something to keep my self busy. But when i'm at home i usually open my PC and play my favorite online games. I love playing online RPG games or commonly known as Multi Media Online Role Playing Games or MMORPG. These games allow players to play online and communicate with its users. RPG are quite boring when you play it repeatedly unlike online casinos. Everyday here in online casino, is like a new challenge because you will actually feel that you are playing on a real life casino. You will also be dealing with real money here which adds more excitement on the game. Whenever i am free, I always look for Best online casinos over the internet and invite my friends to play along with me. In fact, i am planning to invite them this weekend. Oh and i will also tell them to bring some snacks to eat hehe. That would be very exciting and fun. Happy gaming everyone!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Beyonce, The Most Successful Female Artist

I started to love Beyonce after seeing how versatile she is from the film adaptation of the 1981 Broadway musical, Dreamgirls. The Dreamgirls is about a 1960s singing group loosely based on Motown’s all female group, The Supremes. Beyonce portrayed the Diana Ross based character Deena Jones. Beyonce nominated for two Golden Globe Awards proving that she can do more than just singing and song writing. Aside from her acting and singing skills, Beyonce also launched her own fashion line making her excel in business industry as well. I assumed most women out there take Beyonce’s achievements as an inspiration. She is also a philanthropist, establishing different charities and foundations. No wonder why Beyonce has a lot of fans following her even her personal life. In fact, i have heard that Beyonce is now pregnant for her first baby. I am not so sure about this issue but i strongly believe that it is true. In fact, i went to and Vote online to support this issue. I know Beyonce will confirm it soon.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

When buying an Underwear

I do not have the courage to buy any types of undergarment every time I hit the shopping mall or every time i am on the market. Even there’s a big sale going on, i still do not have the confidence to buy underwear. Maybe because i am just so conscious about it and i make big things out of it. Since i don’t want to get caught buying underwear, it’s either i ask my mom or someone else in my family to buy for me or i purchase it online. In fact, it is much better to shop any garments online because you can check the product’s quality one by one. In short, you have the power to choose and you do not have to rush or panic yourself every time there is a sale. Actually, almost all of us in the family are much preferred to buy online. Just like what my sister did when she purchased olga bras online. For me, buying product online is not bad and it’s not that risky as what everybody thinks. In fact, it offers less stress and it’s not time consuming compare to buying a product directly to manufacturers or retailers. Anyway, i will have another Taekwondo session with my instructor as we prepare ourselves for the upcoming tournament. He’s actually requiring me to make use of jockstraps, sport underwear every practice to protect my genital while fighting. Since, i don’t have this jock strap yet, i think i have to go online again and look for this undergarment online.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Modern Bingo

Technology is continuously evolving especially in the World Wide Web and we are continuously embracing their benefits. We can do tons of wonderful things over the Internet which can be useful in our daily life. You can do things over the Internet as long as you are online. You can play games over the internet like online casinos and other virtual games. I love playing online casinos because it makes me feel playing the real one. One of my favorite games is Keno, a modern type of Bingo. Keno is commonly played in almost all casinos and other lottery places. If you are well familiar with Bingo, then definitely, you will find this game quite easy to understand. It is not as complicated as other casino games like Poker and Baccarat which both required skills and techniques to maximize your chances of winning. The other reason why I love playing casinos is because there are gambling sites that offer no deposit online casinos which enable players to play casino games free for a set amount of time, or with a set amount of casino credit free of charge. I am also interested in trying one of the newest paying option which is through E-check Casinos, an online version of our regular checks

Sunday, September 26, 2010

For New Comers

Do you have any idea on what is the best way to keep your self from getting bored? For me, the best way to get rid of the boredom is to change your regular routine or change your recreation. A hobby is something that you like to do and not something that you feel you ought to do because people like it. Do something interesting that will definitely give you a bunch of excitement like playing online casinos. Speaking of online casinos, i have some favorite casino games like poker, baccarat and roulette. For me, they are more exciting and more trilling than any other video games. Here, you will be dealing with the real casino money so you have to play it wise. For beginners, i suggest you target a site that offers No Deposit Casino Bonuses because here, it will enable you to play casino games free for a set amount of time, or with a set amount of casino credit free of charge. You can also try playing with gambling sites that offers cool and great US Casino Bonuses. These bonuses are commonly offered to new comers or new casino players. So if you want to get rid of boredom, why not try playing casino games that can boost your energy and will give you a bunch of excitement while playing.

Naturally and Artificially Grown Plants

There are many ways to grow your plant. Some can be grown in a natural way while some can be grown using artificial methods. Some of these natural ways include the use of natural fertilizers or commonly known as "decomposed". Some of the natural procedures include cultivation, cutting and more. On the other hands, there are also some effective artificial methods applicable for your plant like the use of led grow lights. These lights can help your plant grow in artificial way but at the same time, it provides no effect on plant's nutrients. The plants grown using led grow lights can still have the same nutrients as what naturally grown plants can give.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ultimate Driving Experience

When you say “Ultimate driving experience”, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? For me, an ultimate driving experience is not just all about driving without traffic. A great driving experience is also about the car itself and how perfectly it runs. One of the major things to consider in driving is to check the engine first. It is advisable to clean your engine once in a while and if necessary, do some replacement to make your engine run satisfactorily. It is also great to upgrade some of its part to improve your car performance. A typical engine is composed of pistons, turbines, nozzle and exhaust.
The exhaust systems and components are responsible for releasing the gas outside the car. And sometimes, these exhaust components produce nothing but noise especially if the exhaust is quite old or poor in quality. Exhausts are also hard to clean because of the grease and dirt trapped inside. It was said that when it comes to exhaust system, it is advisable to make use of stainless steel because of its ultra-resistant to corrosion. And when it comes to providing superior quality stainless steel exhaust systems, the perfect place to find them is just one click away over the web. offers high quality Exhaust Systems for your car that will surely give you an ultimate driving experience. Happy Driving!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

I Have A Wild Imagination

It's time to share another Blog Things. I just found out that i have a wild imagination after taking their Bubble Bath test. The result somehow reflects my true personality.

You Have a Wild Imagination

You can think or dream anything. You have very vivid and colorful thoughts.

You have an easygoing and calm attitude. People can count on you to take life in stride.

You are chill to the point of being a little lazy. It's hard for you to get motivated at times.

You are a very together person. It's hard to phase you.

Change Address Online

We’ve been renting a house for almost years now and it is pretty hard for us to get cope with the situation. I am tired changing from one school to another that is why i am very thankful that we finally bought our own house 2 years ago but during those times that we are just renting a house, one of the biggest problem we had is when our relatives send us mails and packages. They mail their letters and packages in our old address. It makes it difficult for the postman to track us and they are having a hard time tracing where on earth we are. As a result, the letters were sent back to them. If we only have like those services being offered in America, where people can change their address online. This change of address is simply done by filling up the form online. All they have to do is to provide necessary information and that’s it! All letters, packages and documents will be sent to your new home address. Isn’t amazing? If we only have that kind of system here, I’m sure we have nothing to worry every time we change our address. If you want to know more about this change of address system, you can check and see how it works.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

How to Prepare Clam Soup

The common way of preparing this simple “Clam soup” is to add sili leaves to the clams after the heat has been turned off. The pot is covered for a few minutes to allow the sili leaves to wilt before serving. You can also use Malunggay leaves. Actually i prefer Malunggay because it id very healthy especially for pregnant women.

Here are the ingredients that we will be using.

1/2 kilo of fresh clams
8-10 stalks of malunggay
half a head of garlic, peeled and finely minced
a thumb-sized piece of ginger, peeled and julienned
an onion, peeled and finely sliced
2 tbsps. of vegetable cooking oil
patis for seasoning

Simply heat the cooking oil in a pot. Saute the garlic and ginger together, then add the sliced onion. Pour about 5 cups of water; season with patis. Bring to a boil. Add the clams and allow the water to boil once more. At this point, the clam shells would be open halfway. Add the malunggay leaves, cover and simmer gently for about two minutes.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I am A Tiramisu

I am A Tiramisu!
I took this fun blogthings game and here's what i got.

You Are Tiramisu!

Light and lovely, you pack a punch.

You never overwhelm... but you always leave a lasting impression.

Motorcycle Insurance

I’ve been looking for an insurance company that offers a cheap motorcycle insurance rate that will suit my budget. I just don’t want to spend a big amount of money every year just for my motorcycle. Well, I know it is really important to have my motorcycle insured but I just want to be practical. Ofcourse, we all want the best but we all want the cheapest too right. I never found one until I discovered They got the best and cheapest motorcycle insurance washington state rates that will suit your budget. And by calling them at 1.888.999.2598, you’ll get get free motorcycle insurance quotes.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cloudy Shot

I am real not good in taking photos but i am so proud of this one. This is my first time to take a shot of clouds using my cp camera. I am not a pro and needs a lot of improvement LOL but not bad as a start right. yippee!!
have a great day everyone and happy blogging

Saturday, May 8, 2010


2 days left and it's the much awaited 2010 automated election. Let's just pray that everything will turn out okay. May God bless the upcoming election and may he put the right person to govern our country for good. Among 10 presidential candidates who you think it would be?
Would it be Manny Villar?

Villar was born to a poor family in Tondo, an impoverished and densely populated district of Manila.fter graduating from the University of the Philippines, he worked as an accountant and financial analyst, then launched a highly successful business in real estate. He is the standard bearer of the Nacionalista Party. He filed his certificate of candidacy for president on November 30, 2009, along with his running mate, Senator Loren Legarda.
His popular campaign line is "Sipag at Tyaga" (Hardwork and Patience). Villar's campaign platform includes combating poverty and corruption, two major problems between which he believes there is a strong link.

Would it be Noynoy Aquino?

A graduate of Ateneo de Manila University, he was wounded by rebel soldiers in a failed coup attempt during his mother's presidency. In 1998, he was elected to the House of Representatives as Representative of the 2nd district of Tarlac province in the 11th Congress of the Philippines. In 2007, he was elected to the Senate of the 14th Congress of the Philippines.
On September 9, 2009, 40 days after the death of his mother, Aquino officially announced his bid for the Presidency in a press conference at the Club Filipino in Greenhills, San Juan City, which also served as the site of his mother's Presidential Inauguration in February 1986.
Aquino's campaign platform includes a promise to fight corruption and poverty as well as investing in public health and education.

Would it be Joseph Estrada?

Estrada was elected President in 1998 with a widest margin of votes in Philippine history separating him from the other challengers, and was sworn into the presidency on June 30, 1998. In 2000, he declared an "all-out-war" against the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and captured it's headquarters and other camps.
In 2007, like Benigno Aquino, he was sentenced by a "special court" to reclusion perpetua for "alleged" plunder, but was later granted pardon by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo was the main benefactor of the power grab that ousted President Estrada.
On October 22, 2009, former President Joseph Estrada announced that he would run again for president with Makati City Mayor Jejomar Binay as his running mate.
His 2010 Senatorial lineup includes: Francisco Tatad, Juan Ponce Enrile, Jinggoy Estrada, Joey de Venecia, JV Bautista and Ompong Plaza.

Would it be Gilbert Teodoro?

He is more known as Gibo, is a former Secretary of National Defense of the Philippines, having assumed the post in August 2007 until November 15, 2009. He was a member of the House of Representatives, representing the First District of Tarlac province, from 1998 to 2007. In March 2009, he announced his intention to run for President of the Philippines in the May 2010 elections.
He is also known for his efforts as the Chairman of the National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC) when Mega Manila was hit by Typhoon Ketsana (Ondoy).
Teodoro's campaign platform includes encouraging political growth in the provinces and improving healthcare and education. He has also stated that he would not interfere if Arroyo were to be charged at a later date.

Would it be Richard Gordon?

He is a Philippine senator and a 2010 Philippine presidential candidate under the Bagumbayan - Volunteers for a New Philippines. He is also the present chairman of the Philippine National Red Cross.
Gordon and Fernando officially announced their tandem during a press conference at the Senate press office in Pasay City, with Gordon running for the presidency and Fernando running for the vice-presidency. During the press conference, they billed themselves as "the transformers" since they intend to "transform the nation"

Would it be Jamby Madrigal?

She better known as Jamby. She is a politician in the Philippines. She was elected during the 2004 general elections and is currently serving as a Senator . Madrigal has declared her candidacy for President in the upcoming 2010 presidential elections and she is also known as Manyy Villar's number one critic!

Would it be Eddie Villanueva?

He is a religious and political leader in the Philippines and a presidential candidate in the 2010 Philippine election as standard bearer of the Bangon Pilipinas Party. Prior to joining the politics, he is best known as the founder and leader of the Jesus Is Lord Church but officially declared his leave of absence as its Spiritual Director during the launching o Bagong Pilipinas Movement on March 28, 2009 “so that [he] may concentrate on the transformation of our beloved nation.”
On August 21, 2009, he announced that he will be running in the 2010 election and on November 30, 2009, filed his Certificate of Candidacy with the Commission on Elections "accompanied by his running mate, former Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) chief Perfecto Yasay, and five senatorial bets"

Would it be Nicanor Perlas?

He is a Filipino activist and a recipient of the Right Livelihood Award (also known as the "Alternative Nobel Prize") in 2003.. Currently, he is also a Philippine presidential aspirant for the 2010 presidential elections.
On June 17, 2009, Nicanor Perlas announced his intentions to become one of the candidates for the Philippine Presidential Elections in May 2010. He announced this during a press conference at the Bantayog ng mga Bayani in Quezon City.
"Perlas is the latest in the list of personalities offering themselves as alternatives to traditional presidential aspirants."

Would it be JC De los Reyes?

He is a Philippine councilor in Olongapo City and the presidential candidate of the Ang Kapatiran Party for the 2010 Philippine presidential election.He studied in Ateneo de Manila for his elementary education, and graduated in De La Salle Santiago Zobel School for high school. He finished his Bachelor of Arts in Theology at the Franciscan University of Steubenville, which is considered as one of the most orthodox Catholic Universities in the United States
The boldest statement he has made for good governance is the filing of numerous cases before the Ombudsman against high ranking government officials where he himself is complainant. This is in line with his political policy of alleviating the people’s suffering by addressing the problem of expensive and increasing costs of basic needs like water, electricity, medicines, health care, etc., and insuring that these basic services are kept free and far from graft and corruption.

~ You have seen and heard them from TV , ads and live campaigns!. Be wise and choose the right one!~

Blog Idol T-shirt

Blog Idol Season 3 is going to be more exciting THIS YEAR because aside from the real prizes, voters will also have a chance to win the "I am a Certified Blogger" T shirt.

There are 2 ways to vote for your favorite Idol participant. First is the poll survey and the second one is via "comment system"

How Comment System works?
Every week as the game starts, i will give a link where you can leave your comments. In that comment, all you need to do is to state either the name of the idol participant or the name of the song chosen by the blog idol participant. You can comment on that link 3 times a day (you can comment or vote for multiple bloggers /one blogger per comment). Blog idol participant will earn 2 entries per comment.
As a commenter, you will earn one entry per comment. The more comments the more entries, the more entries the more chance to win the tshirt. Winner will be announce the day before the finale.

Here's how the "I am a Certified Blogger T shirt" will look like.

Just Click the image to enlarge. This is not final yet. I don't know if i am allowed to use the blogger logo. Design is also the same in female shirt. If you have any suggestion just tell me.

Blog Idol 2010
The heat is on, Blog Idol is now on it's season 3 and this year, there are so many exciting events to happen! There's ll now be real prizes to be won.
◘ First, You just need to sign up HERE and provide some info including your name and your blog url. Only the first 12 who signed up will be included in the game.
◘ After completing the 12 participants, each of you will receive a private link that will bring you to your official blog idol page.
What's with the blog idol Page? The blog idol page contains the list of song categories that will be used for the competition.
What yo do next? You ONLY HAVE TO SUBMIT A TOTAL OF 9 SONG TITLES based on the provided category.
(for example PROVIDED CATEGORY: BEATLES SONG / YOUR SONG ENTRY:(one of the song title you submitted) HEY JUDE!
◘ Again, You Only have to submit 9 song titles to me and That's It! You're already done with your part and i will take care of the rest.
◘ this is not a singing competition.

◘ Here's an illustration of the game to help you.
◘ Everything will be based on the number of votes! The blogger who will get the highest votes will win.
◘ Blogger who will get the least number of votes in a specific week will be eliminated.
How to earn votes? There are 2 way to earn votes: Poll Survey and via Comment
How to earn votes via Poll Survey? I will be placing a poll survey here in my blog where everyone can vote for you. 1 vote = 1 entry for you.
How to earn votes via Comment System? It is optional for you to encourage readers to vote for your entry. If a non-participant vote for you via comment (should declared that he/she is voting for you to make the comment a valid entry), you will gain automatically 2 entries ( 1 vote via comment = 2 entries)
◘ Again, the game will be based on the number of votes. there are 2 ways to earn votes : poll survey and via comment.
◘ There will be a scoreboard to help you track your current standing.

◘ Each voter who will leave a comment here will also gain an entry to win the "I AM A CERTIFIED BLOGGER" T shirt.(will explain about the tshirt soon)
◘ I will have a raffle draw the day after the finale. So the more entries the more chances to win the T shirt
◘ How many times a voter can vote? You can vote as many times you want in a week in a maximum of TWO Comments per Day

Blog Idol = 30 usd
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◘ You Should have a PAYPAL account
◘ You should be willing to place the sponsor's badge in your blog until the competition ends

"Blog Idol Batch 2010"

Will discuss more about the Blog Idol T-shirt in my next post

Gambling Online!

My dad used to go to casino with his friends and I just can’t imagine that they’re losing thousands of money just for a single game. My dad love’s poker while my uncle is a big fan of Slot machine games. Anyway, I am still wondering what makes them to become too addicted in such games. As what they said, you’ll never know unless you try it, right? However, I will not try to play it in the real life casino, how I wish I can afford it and how I wish I can manage to deal with those guys (casino players). Good thing there are now what so-called “Online gambling” or “online Casino”. It is actually the same thing and the only difference is that it is done online. The intense and the thrills are still there and you can feel that you are playing the actual casino games. Maybe I’ll try to encourage my dad to try playing casino online and I am so sure that he will enjoy it!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Are We Ready For the Upcoming 2010 Automated Election?

This is my first time to vote and i am really excited because this is also the first time that Philippine will have a what so-called Automated election. But are we really ready enough for this modern way of voting? Actually, i am excited for this election but along with this excitement is fear. A fear that this election will fail. How assure are we with this automated voting machines? Well, i know ARMM tried it already and it works well but then again we are not just talking about a small region here, it's nationwide! If the manual system didn't satisfied us with the results, what's more with this computer programmed voting system? just like what they say "you will never know unless you try it" so maybe we can give this a try. Actually this is a great step to get ourselves on the flow of the modern world. let's just pray that this election will be a success and may the president-to-be will be a good leader and not corrupt.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hot Tubs And Spas!

Summer is really here and I can feel it. It’s getting so hot and it seems that our air conditioner is not working very effectively against this heat. No wonder why almost everyone wants to go to a beach and spend their summer vacation there. Beaches are perfect place to wind you up in summer. However, it is very costly and very time consuming knowing that you have to travel that far just to get there. But the whether condition is now unpredictable because yesterday, the temperature went down a little bit causing a bit cold but then here we are again facing the heat. I wish I have hot tubs spas here in my house to warm me up when it’s cold outside. I remember the last time I visited my Auntie which I think last winter, I really enjoyed her house especially the hot tubs and spas she have inside their bed room. She has an amazing house and it’s pretty amazing to know that she is the one who designed every single details of it. It’s really not so surprising because I knew on the first place that she is a graduate if “Interior designing.” And I am so sure that one of her design is to place a hot tub inside their big bath room. It is quite funny because it is my first time to use a hot tub at that time and I don’t have any idea about how to modulate the heat in the hot tub. I wondered how much water this hot tub consumes so I did some research online and I found some water conservation tips and I know it will help my Auntie a lot. So the next time I visit her, I will give her those information and of course I will take the opportunity again to use her hot tubs LOL. Any way, I am also encouraging my mom to buy one for us and I’m sure I can convince her.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Web Hosting Reviews

Buying a domain or availing a web hosting service plan would be very risky especially if you do not have enough knowledge about it. It is true that it is great to have your own domain supported by a web hosting plan but how if you went on a wrong web hosting plan? How if the web hosting plan or the webhosting provider itself is non-protected? It is very alerting that the numbers of non-protected webhosting providers on the web is continuously growing and increasing victimizing a lot of innocent customers. So how does this non-protected web hosting plan affect s your site? Non-protected web hosting plan, as what the term suggests, is not protected from any type of virus and harmful software including Malwares. Malwares are harmful software that may not only harm your site but also can hack your personal data and information. One of the most common and most dangerous kind of malware is what they called “Trojan Horse” that allows hackers to gather all your important data and information stored in your site and computer which are being used in illegal purposes. So if you are going to buy a domain or avail a web hosting service plan, make sure that you are protected. It is also advisable if you try reading some web hosting reviews online to check how reliable the web hosting service provider is. You can also check some forums, discussing about the list are the best and well trusted web hosting service provider. Speaking of web hosting reviews, I just found a site where you can find the best web hosting service provider. The site that I am talking about is the The site offers useful information, tips and ideas that you need to know before buying or availing a web hosting service plan. Visit the site and see what more the site has to offer.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Likable and Healthy Dishes

Summer is here and as we all know, summer is always associated with parties and parties are associated with foods as in heavy foods! It seems that there's no way to resist it especially those juicy meats that is often serve in summer parties. Porks and Beefs are good. they have the essential nutrients that our body needs but eating too much of meats may also cause trouble and may harm your health. Holy Week, is a great way for me to start my diet and prepare my self for summer because i used to do some fasting, which is our tradition already every holy week. During our fasting period, we used to avoid eating meats like pork and beef. I don't know where or when this tradition started but as a matter of showing my devotion as a christian i used to follow it. Besides nothing will happen to me if i don't eat meats within a weak. Even though we are not allowed to eat pork and beef, we can still eat fish meats just like what i ate last thursday.

This is a very common Filipino Dish. Here in Philippines we used to pair our foods or match them up with some dish. Just like the one i have in the photo. I paired my dish "Pinakbet" a native Ilocano dish, with a fired Tilapia.

If you hate fish, then you must love this veggie dish. It is a fresh Lumpia. A Dish originated in Chinese.

Speaking of Chinese dish, well, this Pancit will suits your taste so well.
Thats all for now, will share more soon!
have a great day and happy blogging!