Saturday, December 11, 2010

All About RV

Recreation Vehicle or simply Rv is a motor vehicle which can be equipped with a living space and amenities commonly found in a house. This kind of vehicle has different types and can be categorize depending on its class. The higher the class is, the larger and greater it looks. Class A RV comes up with an extended slide-out floors, making it much wider compare to any other RV styles. Class B on the other hands is the normal one but the space is good enough to accommodate all the furniture and appliances inside. The good thing about RV is that you can customize its design based on your own preferences. You are free to choose what kind of furniture you want for your living room and more. Some RV comes up with a small cubicle and a toilet inside. Some have built in lavatory. You can even customize your own kitchen by buying some stylish furniture and RV Faucet on it. It is very ideal for those who loves to travel and don’t want to stay in one location.

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