Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Terrifying Experience At a General Hospital

My brother's friend's death has been very controversial. I dare not to disclose his name here in my blog for his privacy and as a matter of respect as well. This guy committed a suicide. He swallowed 2 packs of a kind of firecracker known as "Watusi". The poison spread all over his body which leads him to death. It was very tragic especially for his family. But if there's one thing that is more tragic than his death, that would be their experience as they sent this guy on that General hospital. This general hospital is the only hospital that offers cheap medical fees and one of the hospitals that has complete medical equipments. No wonder why many people traveled miles away from their province just to reach this place. However, since it is a public hospital, the facilities are not that good. Actually, according to my brother, who is one of the guys who brought their friend on that hospital, the system and the services being offered at that hospital are so terrible. They even saw patients lying on the floor because of the lack of public rooms. I was so shocked to hear that nurses are just ignoring those struggling patients. This is very humiliating. I just hope someone will have enough courage to hire a Medical Malpracice Attorney like the one they have in Tacoma Washington and help these pitiful patients to fight for their rights.

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