Sunday, November 7, 2010

Life After Death

We really have to admit it! We will all came to a point that the life that was given to us will be taken again at the right time and place by our mighty creator. Death is something that we cannot escape, however, remember what The Rapture of the Church is trying to tell us that there's a life after death. According to the bible, God will bring the death back to life and if you remained faithful to him before you die and if you believe in him, he will definitely take you to his promised land. A paradise where we can live free from any of those earthly sins and will live eternally with our mighty God. There's really such thing as rapture. I remember a book from the Bible where it mentioned hoe Philip was caught by the spirit of the lord and brought him to another place. How about you guys? Do you believe that there's life after Death?

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