Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Trouble

I remember last month, my nephew visited us for dinner together with his parents. Her accidentally hit the windshield of my neighbor's car. Well he's always like that, he keeps on making trouble. Well you just can't blame that 3 year old kid because he still don't know what is right or wrong. We just keep on telling him to stop doing that or this to discipline him. I just don't know what the hell he was playing and where did he got that stone and what was the whole story behind that broken wind shield. We just talked to our neighbor and tell them what happen . We told them that we will be replacing the broken wind shield. And we're very lucky that he was able to forgive us and didn't get mad to what my nephew did. In fact, he's the one who told us not to buy a new one, instead he referred us to a scrapyard shop like that Auto Wrecking Seattle shop i saw online. Here, dismantled automotive parts are being sold. So we bought a second hand yet high class wind shield in such a very low price. Good thing there are these dismantler shops where we can find car spare parts at a very low cost yet high in quality still.

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