Sunday, November 21, 2010

Harvest Moon in Real Life

Are you familiar with a video game "Harvest Moon"? Well, i really like this role playing game because it will \teach you a lot of things that you can definitely apply in real life. You will be playing a role here of a farmer and your job is to make your farm successful and productive by planting more trees, harvesting crops, taking care of your poultry animals and more. In taking care of your farm, one of your duties is to remove those unwanted elements that can ruin and conquer your farming landscape. These are the trees, trucks, branches, grass,, stones and more. They are all scattered everywhere conquering most if your landscaping area. Well in real life i know that it is very impossible for a person to life those trucks and trees alone using an axe and a mallet. In reality, these trees that conquer most space in your farming landscape or even in your garden, can now easily be removed using special lifting equipments like that Tree Service Portland has. I'm sure modern farms are making use of this technology to make their farm more productive and clean.

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