Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Are We Ready For the Upcoming 2010 Automated Election?

This is my first time to vote and i am really excited because this is also the first time that Philippine will have a what so-called Automated election. But are we really ready enough for this modern way of voting? Actually, i am excited for this election but along with this excitement is fear. A fear that this election will fail. How assure are we with this automated voting machines? Well, i know ARMM tried it already and it works well but then again we are not just talking about a small region here, it's nationwide! If the manual system didn't satisfied us with the results, what's more with this computer programmed voting system? just like what they say "you will never know unless you try it" so maybe we can give this a try. Actually this is a great step to get ourselves on the flow of the modern world. let's just pray that this election will be a success and may the president-to-be will be a good leader and not corrupt.

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