Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hot Tubs And Spas!

Summer is really here and I can feel it. It’s getting so hot and it seems that our air conditioner is not working very effectively against this heat. No wonder why almost everyone wants to go to a beach and spend their summer vacation there. Beaches are perfect place to wind you up in summer. However, it is very costly and very time consuming knowing that you have to travel that far just to get there. But the whether condition is now unpredictable because yesterday, the temperature went down a little bit causing a bit cold but then here we are again facing the heat. I wish I have hot tubs spas here in my house to warm me up when it’s cold outside. I remember the last time I visited my Auntie which I think last winter, I really enjoyed her house especially the hot tubs and spas she have inside their bed room. She has an amazing house and it’s pretty amazing to know that she is the one who designed every single details of it. It’s really not so surprising because I knew on the first place that she is a graduate if “Interior designing.” And I am so sure that one of her design is to place a hot tub inside their big bath room. It is quite funny because it is my first time to use a hot tub at that time and I don’t have any idea about how to modulate the heat in the hot tub. I wondered how much water this hot tub consumes so I did some research online and I found some water conservation tips and I know it will help my Auntie a lot. So the next time I visit her, I will give her those information and of course I will take the opportunity again to use her hot tubs LOL. Any way, I am also encouraging my mom to buy one for us and I’m sure I can convince her.

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