Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Likable and Healthy Dishes

Summer is here and as we all know, summer is always associated with parties and parties are associated with foods as in heavy foods! It seems that there's no way to resist it especially those juicy meats that is often serve in summer parties. Porks and Beefs are good. they have the essential nutrients that our body needs but eating too much of meats may also cause trouble and may harm your health. Holy Week, is a great way for me to start my diet and prepare my self for summer because i used to do some fasting, which is our tradition already every holy week. During our fasting period, we used to avoid eating meats like pork and beef. I don't know where or when this tradition started but as a matter of showing my devotion as a christian i used to follow it. Besides nothing will happen to me if i don't eat meats within a weak. Even though we are not allowed to eat pork and beef, we can still eat fish meats just like what i ate last thursday.

This is a very common Filipino Dish. Here in Philippines we used to pair our foods or match them up with some dish. Just like the one i have in the photo. I paired my dish "Pinakbet" a native Ilocano dish, with a fired Tilapia.

If you hate fish, then you must love this veggie dish. It is a fresh Lumpia. A Dish originated in Chinese.

Speaking of Chinese dish, well, this Pancit will suits your taste so well.
Thats all for now, will share more soon!
have a great day and happy blogging!

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