Saturday, May 8, 2010

Gambling Online!

My dad used to go to casino with his friends and I just can’t imagine that they’re losing thousands of money just for a single game. My dad love’s poker while my uncle is a big fan of Slot machine games. Anyway, I am still wondering what makes them to become too addicted in such games. As what they said, you’ll never know unless you try it, right? However, I will not try to play it in the real life casino, how I wish I can afford it and how I wish I can manage to deal with those guys (casino players). Good thing there are now what so-called “Online gambling” or “online Casino”. It is actually the same thing and the only difference is that it is done online. The intense and the thrills are still there and you can feel that you are playing the actual casino games. Maybe I’ll try to encourage my dad to try playing casino online and I am so sure that he will enjoy it!

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