Saturday, January 22, 2011

Treasure Isle

If you are following me on my Facebook account, you are probably aware how addicted I am in Facebook gaming Applications. Well I know those games are not so appropriate for my age now. At the age of 22, I should be paying more attention to some serious matters but of course, i'm not taking these games very seriously. I'm just playing them for fun. I am a kind of man who easily get bored especially if i keep on doing that thing over and over again. I used to keep myself busy through these games and they used to be my stress reliever.
That was back 2008 when i became so addicted to Facebook games like Restaurant City, Pet Society and Mafia Wars but then after reaching high levels, i started to felt bored and decided to look for something new. And now, i started to go crazy over Facebook games again. Right now, i am busy playing CityVille and find it more interesting than all other games. And just recently, i created an account with the game called "Treasure Isle". Well, as what the name suggests, your goal there is to find hidden and buried treasures. I'm currently on the "exploring mode" since the game requires a lot of understanding and i find it quite complicated in some parts.
Well, This game reminds me of my childhood when my brother, my cousins and I were playing treasure hunting games. It was like were portraying Indian Jones character and we have to find those hidden treasures. Anyway, i don't mind playing those games again but this time, with my younger brother Milzon. In fact, i did some research already about some creative and challenging treasure hunt ideas. Maybe this weekend, i will start digging the treasure and make treasure hunt clues for him.

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