Friday, August 12, 2011

Pimp Your Ride

We all want the best for our cars right? And as a car owner, you will give all your best just to make it more appealing and eye catching as much as possible. Remember the "Pimp My Ride" tv series? I used to be a big fan of that show because it inspired me a lot, realizing that you can do something out of junk.
Well, what are those things that you can do to make your car more appealing? Do you have to spend a lot of money for it? Of course you have to but it should not be a big deal especially if you really want to make it more fascinating. After all, it's for your benefit too.
Why not install some cool Audio device inside? udio system plays a very important role in giving your car a make over. Just imagine how great it feels when your driving all the way to your destination while listening a a nice sound track using the audio system in your car.
Change the floor mats and seat covers too. Much better if you make it more personalized. Get some fluffy and cuddly front and back seat covers and have some furry and comfy floor mats, that would be great.
Gadgets like GPS System would be a great addition to make your car more captivating. Change the wheels and change the color of your car if you want too.
Upgrade your engine for better performance. Just make sure that you let no one but experts to do these repairs for you. Find a reputable shop like that Auto Body Repair Portland in Oregon. They can give you the best results. Check them at to known more about them.

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