Thursday, August 18, 2011

Milzon's Aching Molar tooth

As you can see, Milzon's incisors are not as appealing as the others. Actually, we used to tease him as rabbit or Spongebob because of his big and separate incisors. Well Milzon has a such a sweet tooth. He just can't resist eating sweets like candies, ice cream, chocolates and a whole lot more. . But when it comes to brushing his teeth, oh God, you don't have any idea how great he is in giving up so many excuses just to avoid it. Hahaha and that reminds me of my childhood days too. Actually we are all hopeless now that we can bring his clean and white teeth back because of this. And just like last night, he never stop crying complaining about his aching molar. We really don't know what to do since there are no dental clinic that is open 24 hours in our area so my mom gave Milzon a medicine and I think it is sort of a pain reliever or something like that. We took him to our family Dentist this morning to remove his aching molar. In fairness to milzon, he's too brave to face those syringes (unlike his coward brother when he was on the same age LOL). We're lucky to found a Dentist that offers a satisfying service likeDentist Portland Service offered in Oregon. Well, after this, we will encourage Milzon to brush his teeth, by hook or by crook. LOL

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