Friday, September 16, 2011

Milzon Is Now A Boy Scout

We just attended Milzon's Oath taking ceremony this morning. Well, he's now a certified Boy Scout and we're very proud of him. I remember my elementary days when mom used to join me in such event too. We had so much fun and Milzon were able to enjoy it too knowing that the event held some cool activities for kids including the Stick horse racing event, and other physically challenging games.

Luckily, I was able to bring my video camera and I was able to capture some of the important events in the ceremony. Though, I am not an expert photographer so my apology for the low quality pics and videos.
I was actually thinking of buying a brand new Camcorder. I heard that some latest models today can produce high quality videos even though you're not an expert photographer. However, choosing the right camcorder will not be that easy especially for someone like me who do not have any idea about camcorders. I don't even know how to check their specs.
I might read some reliable camcorder reviews first before buying one. You can also check for more well trusted and non bias reviews.

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