Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Clumssy Me!

All of these mobile phones are mine but don't get me wrong guys, I am not a rich guy who can afford to buy multiple phones because I just want too. Unfortunately, these phones are not working already. Believe it or not I used to replace my phone at least twice a year not because I just want to follow the latest trend when it comes to phone models but because I am too clumsy and I used to broke my phone, leaving me no choice but to replace them.
If I don't need the cellphone, then I will not buy any replacement at all. It just so happen that I am using my phone for my work so I badly needs it.
I am such a Clumsy guy and everyone around me is so aware about that. I know it is not a compliment and it is something that I should be very proud of but I just can do nothing to keep myself away from being too clumsy. Just like what happen recently, when i dropped my camera on a water which damaged my gadget so bad. I am really disappointed to myself because I have plenty of pictures saved on my memory card and I just can't open my camera. I tried to insert the card to another camera but still not being recognize. I am afraid that I have to replace the card and lose all my pictures completely.
So I decided to buy a brand new camera and a brand new memory card since the possibility to recover my pictures from that damaged memory card seems to be so hopeless. I have heard about that Hetman Software from a blogger friend and I was intrigued when he said that the software might help recover my photos.
I didn't waste any of my time and I visited the site right away. Hetman Software is a software that has an ability to to recover pictures from corrupted memory cards or Hard drives. It can also recover deleted photos which is so perfect for a clumsy guy like me. I might consider downloading this software for my PC too and I'm sure this is my key to bring those photos from my old Memory card back!Yay!

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