Friday, September 9, 2011

Starting A Business Online?

We've been featuring different Art crafts in our blog and probably e will be doing this for a long time. It's more like my past time hobby. It used to keep my stress away after that heavy and long hours of working. I have used different mediums already, from craft sticks down to egg shells. I try to make them as resourceful as possible. I used to recycle different items as well because i do believed that we can all make something out of trash, something useful and something that will help our suffering environment. Anyway, here's few of our finished art crafts. Actually my Auntie suggested me to start an online business showcasing our crafts.

My most favorite medium and probably my expertise are the projects made out of craft sticks. But right now, we're busy doing our Clay Art projects. I'm starting to like this new theme and i might take it to the next level.
One of my finished Clay art (Conehead Zombie)
I have heard about those Polymer Art crafts. Some of my friends are into such business where in they amke key chains and and earrings out of the baked clay and sell them online.
As for my Auntie's suggestion, I think it is a pretty good Idea. I might consider showcasing our crafts online too and earn extra money out of it. However, i don't think i have the skills to make the products visible and searchable online. I don't even know how the hell SEO works LOL.
Though i heard about Zoovy and their Turnkey Ecommerce service that will help me boost and manage my sales online. I am quite new with this Ecommerce Solution but I find it very interesting. I might consider getting their service too once i started to build an online business and once i started to take it seriously. They might help me in Selling Products Online effectively and productively.
I know that it is quite a risk. I'm not sure if i will excel in the business field or I will end up with failures. But just like what they say, you can never tell the outcome unless you try it. Good thing there are companies like Zoovy that provides an effective marketing strategy. At least, with their help, you know that your business will come a long run. But of course, you have to work hard for it as well. Take note that the success of a business is not just about promoting but also through providing constant high quality service or products to them.
Oh Well, let see what will happen next. Wish me luck!

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