Friday, September 16, 2011

Stranger Than Fiction

Tax is such a complicated thing to discuss most especially when it comes to the process of preparing them. However, even how much complicated it the taxes are, we are all responsible to pay them. The government needs our payment to improve their service. Public infrastructures, education and charity programs, military improvements and salary for our government workers including the public teachers and doctors, these are just few of the things where are taxes are being used.
I was watching a Will Ferrell film last night and surprisingly, the film opens up a topic about our Tax. Generally, this 2006 film is highly recommendable because it teaches us a lot of oral values and will make you realize that you should make the most out of your life.

Will Ferrell here surprisingly play an unusual role as Harold Crick, an auditor for Internal Revenue Service.

It shows how hard it is for being a Tax Collector , encouraging people to pay their taxes.
Maggie Gyllenhaal plays Ana in this film. A baker who resisted to pay her tax.
Harold was assigned to audit Ana but she refused to entertain Harold and resisted to be audited by him.
Harold eventually was able to convinced Ana to be audited by him and she showed him a pile of papers which Harold's has to audit.
The film actually made me realized how hard it is to prepare your own tax, analyze all the necessary documents and calculate big figures. No wonder why most people today prefer to hire or get Tax preparation services rather than doing such a stressing job all by themselves.
Anyway, The entire film takes place on Harold's Journey in battling for his life in the hand of a mysterious writer who wants him to be killed.
In the end, Harold convinces Ana to pay her taxes because it is definitely the right thing to do. We should be responsible and never ignore or neglect paying our taxes because we are also the one who can get benefits from the in return.

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