Sunday, September 25, 2011

About Image Hosting Sites

Are you guys familiar with the so called "Image Hosting Sites" or Image Hosting Provider"? What are they for? Is it really necessary to host your images? What are the benefits we can get from them in return? And what are the disadvantages as well?
An Image hosting Site or Image hosting provider allows you to upload images to an Internet site. They will store all your photos on their server and they will provide you codes to make those images viewable for others. It's like an online photo album in which you can sort or categories your photos.
Compare to those service provided by other social networks, these Image Hosting sites are dedicated one and only focusing on storing pictures. It can also protect your images from being used without your permission because it will notify you if someone else is using it.
The service is actually great and highly advisable if you're looking for an online storage of your photos and most of them are being offered for free.
However, even though it's free, the amount of images you can store are limited. If the bandwidth limit is exceeded, you can no longer add more photos and the rest of your uploaded photos will be temporarily unavailable unless you cut down some of your old images on their site or upgrade your plan to premium or those paid versions.
Paid versions aren't that bad especially if you are really aiming to save all your photos on the web. But as for me, if you really want to pay and excellent service to protect your pictures then I would rather spend my money in purchasing a Photo recovery software. Here, I just have to save my photos the normal way. I can save them directly on my hard drive. And when the photos got deleted accidentally because of a corrupted hard drive, the photo recovery software will come to rescue them. It is a software meant to recover deleted files from hard drive or memory cards so you really don't have to worry about losing your files because you can always bring them back using this software. Amazing indeed.
If you're interested, you can check Hetman Software at and see what else it has to offer.

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