Friday, November 20, 2009

Hamen Eggen Chiz

Good day guys!

I just want to share you this funny picture taken from my friends profile in facebook. I can't do nothing but to laugh as i saw this picture. The picture shows "Filipinoism" in an exagerated form. (LOLZ).
These are what they should in english
"Putlong" - Foot Long
"Hamburjer" - Hamburger
"Chiz Burjer" - Cheese Burger
"Hamen Chiz" - Ham and Cheese
"Hamen Egg" - Ham and Egg
"Hamen Eggen Chiz" (Lolz) - Ham and Egg and Cheese
"Burjer w/ Egg" - Burger With Egg
"Burjer w/ Eggen Chiz" - Burger With Egg and Cheese
"Dobol Patties" - Double patties
"Egg Sandwits w/ Chiz" - Egg Sandwich with Cheese

hehe... thanks fro dropping by and have a great day!

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