Friday, September 25, 2009

Photo Hunt # 2

I just took a picture of this floral scented candle displayed in my mom's room. The Aromastic scent filled up my mom's room. It was very refreshing.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Old Sewing Machine

This is our old sewing machine, my mom used to sew our clothes before. She she's really busy after she had her business, this sewing machine are kept and stored in our stock room!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Gold and Pearl Earrings
Jewelries are like cars, they are expensive but truly worth it. Most people are using them as a fashion statement. They are matching it up with their gowns and elegant dresses. If I was given a chance to buy something for my mom, I would like to give her a pair of gold and pearl earrings. Pearls symbolize elegance and beauty while gold, according to a Chinese friend, gives you wealth so I think I would be perfect for her. It’s been a long time since my Dad bought her jewelry so I think it’s about time to give her a new one. Luckily, i found where in i can find a perfect gift for my mom.I’m sure she would love it. But I was just wondering what would be the best jewelry to buy for her, would it be made of gold or pearl?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My first ever Cellphone

This is my Nokia 1200, it is my first ever cellular phone i bought for my self from my daily school allowance. I'm really proud of it so im still keeping it even though i already have a new one. See! it is working still. I like it because it is very durable, i remember how many times it fells badly on the floor which does'nt cause any damage. How about you? Do you still keep your first ever cell phone? Share us your story too!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Happy Second Blogoversary!

I'am so proud for my self for reaching 2 consecutive years in blogging. Yup! I've been into blogging for exactly two years! My very first blog is my "Top Five" which is formerly called "Bluedreamer's Paradise".
After few months, i've created another 2 blogs; Pinoy Alphabet and Scene to Remember, both of them are sticking only into one theme Pinoy Alphabet will let you know everything about Filipino in an alphabet way while Scene To Remember is all about inspiring movies.

One month after, i created a very unusual blog which i called "World of Creeps" that features horror/ suspense movies. From Chucky of Child's Play to Freddie Krueger of Nightmare in Elm Street"

While facebook is not that popular in the Philippines, i used to become active with my Friendster Blog which was entitled "Bluedreamer's Confession". This blog was intended to encourage my friends into blogging.

The time that Tags, Memes and Blog Awards are very popular, i decided to create a blog all for them. I called it "All for Tags, Tags for All"

But After few months "All for Tags, Tags for All" changed its title to "Just an Avid Fan". The main theme of the blog featured celebrities that i am a big fan of.

Few months after, i decided to create "Entablado", a blog written in my own language and it is my very own novel made out of 20 chapters.

After a year, major changes had been made to my blogs.
"Pinoy Alphabet" change its theme to Philippines' current news and events and later change its title to "Philippine TV Marathon"
While Scene To Remember was changed to "Song To Remember". The main theme changed from Movies to everything about Music.

I decided to delete my Just an Avid Fan because of a very low popularity.

I created a blog for all my Interesting Blog Awardees and named it as "Breaking the Boundaries"

My "Entablado" got major changes. The Title was changed to "Super Blog", a blog about super heroes.

few months later, i created a blog that will serve as my personal diary entitled "Simply Blue"

I decided to create a new blog entitled "Tv Marathon" as an extension of my "Philippine Tv Marathon"
"Philippine Tv Marathon" changed its title to "Online Journey" and the theme was change from Tv and movie reviews to Book, games, and gadget reviews.

My "Top Five" remained on its own theme while "Breaking the Boundaries" start sharing inspiring articles and stories.

I also made my "Positive Thinker" blog to teach some ways towards positive thinking.

I gave my "Simply Blue"blog to my younger sister and change its title to "Our Little Corners"

I created "Blog Idol", a Blog for my Blog Idol Competition and served as an official page for all my blog idol participants

Recently, i got three new websites with an owned domain. (not under blogspot)
Blue Dreamer is a site that give focus to Health, Home, Fashion and Living
Feed Your Mind is all about Foods, Drinks, Health and more
while My Adventures is all about my personal interest including my articles and more.

I also created "The Comic Series" blog, my first ever Web Comic

My "world of creeps" changed its title to "Just Buzzing" and transported all my creeps to "World Of creeps 2"

Oh i have a new site entitled "My daily Newsstand" too
whew, so that is my blogging history
Happy Second Blogoversary to me!! cheers