Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Increase Fertility

The most memorable day for every couple is not just their wedding or the day they are being blessed as a husband and wife but also the day when they have their very first baby. Unfortunately, there are some couples who are not blessed to have a child because of some fertility issues. God has plans indeed and He might have a reason why He didn't give you a child. OR, maybe, the couple is taking their actions irresponsibly. If you wish to have a baby then do the things that are right and healthy. This may includes healthy diet, proper sleep, avoidance to alcohol and cigarette and more.
I went over to a fertility blog awhile ago in which i found very informative and useful as they provide helpful fertility tips for both men and women. Here are some tips I've learned from the site.
Men Should wear Boxers instead of Briefs - Of course, this is not a mandatory thing but it is said that Temperature plays a very important role in sperm production and motility. Testicles work best at lower temperature, therefore, if you are aiming to increase fertility, choose underwear that is not too tight like boxers rather than briefs. Interesting right?
Cigarette Smoking and Alcohol Drinking - They never been very helpful. Cigarette Smoking and Alcohol drinking will bring no good to your body and may also affect your fertility. Establish a healthy lifestyle and keep all these harmful elements away!
Essential Vitamins - There are certain vitamins that can help you increase your fertility especially for women. Folic Acid is very essential for fertility and also healthy for pregnant woman. Other Vitamins like B6, C , and E are pretty useful too! Of course, you can have these on the foods that you take so better choose them wisely.
Acupuncture For Fertility - Believe it or not, there is such therapy that can help you increase you fertility and give you higher chances to have a baby. Well, it has not been proven really effective yet but I have heard some positive reviews about this. You might give it a try too, it is not a risky procedure after all.
Anyway, this are just FEW of the interesting ideas and tips to increase fertility. You can visit the site to know more about healthy pregnancy and fertility tips.

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