Saturday, March 17, 2012

Luau Hawaiian Party

Summer is finally here and I can feel it now. Our Company bosses announced yesterday that we're going to have a Luau Hawaiian Party as a part of their summer celebration. We were all required to wear our best floral or Hawaiian shirts. Well, good thing it's free and we do not have to pay anything for party activities and foods. Each team will represent their own muse and escort which means, there will be some sort of a pageant and of course, they will be crowing the best Muse and Escort for that night. I have heard that there will be a portion of the pageant where the contestants will showcase their sexy swimsuits and that's exactly what I'm looking forward to. Haha
Anyway, aside from this upcoming Luau Party, they are also planning to have a company outing and I have heard they are planning to rent a resort so that the place will be used exclusively by all the employees. Well that sounds great for me , at least, we can take a break from our job for awhile.
Well right now, I should plan everything ahead and I must start looking for the latest 2012 swimwear offerings online too and grab the coolest outfit to wear before the said event arrives. I am not really into parties but I don't mind attending such event from time to time. I don't mind wearing those coolest and trendy fashion swimwear too. After all, I'm doing this all for fun to keep myself away from an all out stress brought by my work haha.
Anyway, I am really excited for our upcoming Hawaiian party. I just wish the food is as good as their activities. Unfortunately, since the event will be held inside our company's premises, alcoholic drinks are not allowed inside which somehow, lessen the fun. Yikes .
Don't worry guys, I will definitely share some photos for you, including those sexy finalists wearing their best swimsuits hahaha

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