Friday, February 19, 2010

Panday Kidz

GMA's newest fantaserye - Panday Kidz will be airing this Monday as replacement for Darna. It is a fantasy Philippine drama spin-off from the classic novel of Carlo J. Caparas. This is a television sequel of the 2009 film, Ang Panday which was starred by Bong Revilla.It has an ensemble cast lead by three child stars, Buboy Villar, Julian Trono, and Sabrina Man. The story of Panday Kidz revolves around three ordinary kids prophesied to combat evil and preserve the Panday spirit. It begins after the end of reign of the evil Lizardo in the world. Flavio, the original Panday, was not heard of anymore after defeating his chief nemesis. Tasked to safe keep the sword are the “Eskrimadors,” an order of swordsmen known for their exceptional sword-fighting skills. This is another Fantaserye offered by GMA and i am so excited to watch its pilot episode.

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