Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hot Tubs And Spas!

Summer is really here and I can feel it. It’s getting so hot and it seems that our air conditioner is not working very effectively against this heat. No wonder why almost everyone wants to go to a beach and spend their summer vacation there. Beaches are perfect place to wind you up in summer. However, it is very costly and very time consuming knowing that you have to travel that far just to get there. But the whether condition is now unpredictable because yesterday, the temperature went down a little bit causing a bit cold but then here we are again facing the heat. I wish I have hot tubs spas here in my house to warm me up when it’s cold outside. I remember the last time I visited my Auntie which I think last winter, I really enjoyed her house especially the hot tubs and spas she have inside their bed room. She has an amazing house and it’s pretty amazing to know that she is the one who designed every single details of it. It’s really not so surprising because I knew on the first place that she is a graduate if “Interior designing.” And I am so sure that one of her design is to place a hot tub inside their big bath room. It is quite funny because it is my first time to use a hot tub at that time and I don’t have any idea about how to modulate the heat in the hot tub. I wondered how much water this hot tub consumes so I did some research online and I found some water conservation tips and I know it will help my Auntie a lot. So the next time I visit her, I will give her those information and of course I will take the opportunity again to use her hot tubs LOL. Any way, I am also encouraging my mom to buy one for us and I’m sure I can convince her.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Web Hosting Reviews

Buying a domain or availing a web hosting service plan would be very risky especially if you do not have enough knowledge about it. It is true that it is great to have your own domain supported by a web hosting plan but how if you went on a wrong web hosting plan? How if the web hosting plan or the webhosting provider itself is non-protected? It is very alerting that the numbers of non-protected webhosting providers on the web is continuously growing and increasing victimizing a lot of innocent customers. So how does this non-protected web hosting plan affect s your site? Non-protected web hosting plan, as what the term suggests, is not protected from any type of virus and harmful software including Malwares. Malwares are harmful software that may not only harm your site but also can hack your personal data and information. One of the most common and most dangerous kind of malware is what they called “Trojan Horse” that allows hackers to gather all your important data and information stored in your site and computer which are being used in illegal purposes. So if you are going to buy a domain or avail a web hosting service plan, make sure that you are protected. It is also advisable if you try reading some web hosting reviews online to check how reliable the web hosting service provider is. You can also check some forums, discussing about the list are the best and well trusted web hosting service provider. Speaking of web hosting reviews, I just found a site where you can find the best web hosting service provider. The site that I am talking about is the WebHostingFan.com. The site offers useful information, tips and ideas that you need to know before buying or availing a web hosting service plan. Visit the site and see what more the site has to offer.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Likable and Healthy Dishes

Summer is here and as we all know, summer is always associated with parties and parties are associated with foods as in heavy foods! It seems that there's no way to resist it especially those juicy meats that is often serve in summer parties. Porks and Beefs are good. they have the essential nutrients that our body needs but eating too much of meats may also cause trouble and may harm your health. Holy Week, is a great way for me to start my diet and prepare my self for summer because i used to do some fasting, which is our tradition already every holy week. During our fasting period, we used to avoid eating meats like pork and beef. I don't know where or when this tradition started but as a matter of showing my devotion as a christian i used to follow it. Besides nothing will happen to me if i don't eat meats within a weak. Even though we are not allowed to eat pork and beef, we can still eat fish meats just like what i ate last thursday.

This is a very common Filipino Dish. Here in Philippines we used to pair our foods or match them up with some dish. Just like the one i have in the photo. I paired my dish "Pinakbet" a native Ilocano dish, with a fired Tilapia.

If you hate fish, then you must love this veggie dish. It is a fresh Lumpia. A Dish originated in Chinese.

Speaking of Chinese dish, well, this Pancit will suits your taste so well.
Thats all for now, will share more soon!
have a great day and happy blogging!

Get to know more about IDCC

Are you planning to reconstruct or to renovate your house? You're planning to make your house more appealing though you are in doubt if you're going to renovate it because it will took much of your time and effort? Well, worry no more because i am happy to tell you that there's a cost effective way to transform the look and feel of every room in your home in just a day. The Interior Door and Closet Company will sure make your house more appealing and more attractive than ever. They are well know for providing high quality service. The Interior Door and Closet Company is located in Orange County, CA. The Interior door and closet company has created a effortless and inexpensive ways to beautify, organize, and add value to your home.
The company offers high quality products like Custom Interior Doors, Mirrored Closet Doors and Closet Organizers, Interior Doors, Closet Doors and Closet Organizers and more! Here i got some photos taken from their site at www.interiordoorandcloset.com

( Mirrored Closet Doors and Closet Organizers / Interior Doors )

Getting to know more about the company.
The Experts:
Their design expertise starts with an analysis of your home’s architectural style and your individual taste and d├ęcor. They then identify your families functional needs. By analyzing these two crucial elements they are able to help guide you in choosing the appropriate style, material, finish, and accessories for your new doors, closet doors and organizers.
The Company:
"At the Interior door and closet company we pride ourselves in having courteous and professional craftsman along with the most convenient and time efficient process in the industry. Our one of a kind system allows all of the labor intense cutting, sanding, priming and painting of your new doors to be performed in our facility. Contrary to other door replacement services, there is not any inconvenience to your family and absolutely no mess in your home. We simply measure and remove your old doors, then return within the same week to install your new finished doors. Because the work is completed at our facility, our standard door or organizer installation takes not more than 4 hours!"
"Specialization within our trade, our proprietary tools, secret process, and our large volume of work allow us to get you prices that will not be beat! IDCC also offers a range of products that can meet anyones budget; from our $149 per installed hollow-core doors to our custom closet doors. Our interior door and closet gallery contains many of today’s most popular designs, however the possibilities are endless."

The messages above are taken from their main site at www.interiordoorandcloset.com. Now, as i go deeper in their page, i found out that BBB or "Better Business Bureau", a well trusted online resources of trustworthy businesses, rated IDCC as "A+"

A+ is the highest rating of BBB. To know more about the details of their BBB rating check IDCC at http://www.la.bbb.org/Business-Report/Interior-Door-And-Closet-Company-100066606. Visit their main site too to see what more the site has to offer