Sunday, April 24, 2011

Kiddie Party

I was cleaning my computer last night, trying to delete some files that i rarely use and to save more disk space so that i can download a new game again. I found these photos from one of my folders. i thought I lost these after reformatting my PC few months ago. The pictures show my niece Keisha on her 3rd Birthday. It was really a special event and we are invited too.
I remember how great that kiddie party is and Milzon really had so much fun because a lot of games and activities were held for kids.
They also hire Catering services to help them with the food. Oh they also hired clowns to make the party more entertaining. It is a party for kids so they really did their best to make the event extra special in a way that even adult guests will enjoy.
I can't imagine how much they spent for that party but it seems really expensive. As far as i remember they also have popcorn and cotton candy maker for kids. It seems that it really took them a lot of time preparing for this. I wish Milzon will have the same kind of party. Well, he will turn 8 years old this coming September so i guess i have enough time to prepare for it. I wonder where they rented that Popcorn and Cotton Candy Maker. I'm sure there's something like Rental Equipment Portland near our area. Having such equipments will make the party more enjoyable for kids! Maybe I'll ask Ate Karen (Keisha's mom) about this and help me out in preparing for Milzon's birthday.

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