Saturday, April 30, 2011

House Chores

Mom thought us how to become a responsible man. When i was a kid, she used to assigned us different house chores. I remember, she used to post it on the door of our refrigerator to remind us that we can't play outside unless we're done with our chores. Right now, we are still doing the same cleaning routine in our house. My sister is in charge mostly in the kitchen while me as the eldest guy in the house is in charge with those heavy duty tasks except for repairs since i really don't have any idea how to fix a thing. In fact, i am always the reason behind any major disaster at home haha. I remember how much i ruined my dad's car when i decided to fix it. Since then, i never tried to fix or repair anything at home.
However, i am not as active as before and i often failed to follow my duties because of my work but i try to help them if ever i get a chance. Well, I was able to climb the roof few weeks ago to clean our gutters and also to check where the roof leaks are coming from. I was able to trace some holes in the roof so i just tapped them with epoxy clay to fix the leak issue.
So right now, i have one more job to do, I need to clean the windows in the second floor of our house. Mom used to overlooked this area and it's kinda risky to clean them too because you have to climb the roof again to clean them all completely that's why i do it myself rather than letting my mom do such a risky task. Well, i am not always here to help her so i guess it's about time to hire something like Window Cleaning Portland Service in Oregon. It would be dangerous for my mom to do this task so better let the professional do it for her in case i am not there to help her.

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