Thursday, May 5, 2011

Snoopy Making Troubles

Having a dog and playing with him is probably one of the most rewarding experiences of being a pet lover like me. Playing with my Dog Snoopy used to keep my stress away. However, taking care of him could be one of the most tiring jobs too especially when it comes to teaching him the right things. Restricting him to certain parts of the house is such a difficult task. If you chose to give him a freedom to stay inside your room instead of putting him inside the cage, then you have to teach him well and train him so hard. You have to teach him where to poop, to pee, to eat, to play, etc, etc.
And you cannot teach all of these to your dog over night! It takes a lot of hard work and of course patience.
In my experiences with Snoopy, I had a lot issues with him because he loves to chew things and he poops and fees anywhere he want which was very irritating that time. I remember i threw our television set to him because of so much anger, hahaha just kidding! We had a carpet in our living room and it used to be his favorite hang out place. However, it seems that he treated the place as his Comfort room too and if you just know how much anger my mom feels every time she see some poops around the corner of our sofa set. She was like screaming to anger and will ask me to put the dog into his cage which is something i don't want to do so to compromise her, i took the responsibility to clean the carpet all the time just to let Snoopy stay inside our room.
I remember the worst case we had with Snoopy was when he went inside the house with his muddy feet leaving foot prints everywhere. We really had no choice but to get a carpet cleaning
service to clean all the mess that Snoopy did.
Well, actually we did a right choice because aside from cleaning the mess, they were able to trace those black molds growing underneath our carpet. I am not sure but i think they used those specialized black mold removal solution to take those molds away. They even gave us some Do It Yourself tips in case of water damage problems. They also left their numbers so that we can contact them again in case we encounter the same issue with Snoopy.
Well, luckily, Snoopy were able to managed to poop and fee on the right place. Whew, what a relief!
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