Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Yosi Kadiri Legacy

I remember when i was in Grade School, Department of Health Secretary Juan Flavier was actively visiting different public and private schools (elementary, high school and college) to promote his "DOH It!" Program. Yup! He is the person behind this well known program which aims to provide heath awareness. One of the most notable programs of DOH It is the so called "Yosi Kadiri". "Yosi" is actually a slang Filipino term for Cigarette while "Kadiri" means Nasty. Yosi Kadiri program aims to provide awareness about the danger or harm that Cigarette smoking can give. I remember they had this Yosi Kadiri Mascot which became very iconic to kids.The Yosi Kadiri Program became a successful move of the Department of Health to lessen the increasing case of lung cancer and other respiratory related diseases in the country. This program continued even when i was in high school. But after Juan Flavier left the politics, it seems that the DOH it program especially the Yosi Kadiri project was neglected and became inactive.
Well, too bad our Government just lost a very useful project like this but fortunately we still have some Non Government organizations or NGO who are willing to continue the Yosi Kadiri legacy and raise the awareness about the danger of cigarette smoking.
For me, we do not need another Yosi Kadiri project or other awareness campaign just to be warned about the danger of cigarette smoking. We should keep in mind that everything the we used abusively will bring nothing good to us. Well, the fact that you used or consumed cigarette in a wrongly manner shows a sign of addiction which is not a good thing. You should learn how to avoid this unhealthy habit by simply controlling yourself or looking for some alternatives.
And i found a very effective one in the nature of the so called electronic cigarette. This smoking device is highly in demand today not just because it is high-tech but also because of benefits that the users can get from it in return. Scientifically speaking, electronic cigarette is indeed a safer way of smoking knowing the fact that it doesn't contain those harmful substances that can be found to those commercially produced ones including the nicotine which is one of the major cause of respiratory illnesses.
This device has many varieties. Some of them are smokeless while other produced vapor and artificial smoke to give you the same smoking pleasure that a typical cigarette or tobacco can give. But of course, if you are a first timer, you can always use those electronic cigarette starter kits to get you familiarized on how exactly this e-cig works.
Well, it seems that the Yosi Kadiri legacy continues in the nature of these new smoking devices don't you think?

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